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Note for Electrical Machines 2 - EM2 By Dr. Pradeep Kumar Mohanty

  • Electrical Machines 2 - EM2
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Department of Electrical Engineering Institute Of Technical Education & Research Bhubaneswar

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I.T.E.R. Bhubaneswar Course Structure Electrical Machine-II deals with AC machines by name  Synchronous Machines  Synchronous Generator  Synchronous Motors  Induction Machines  3 Phase Induction Motors  Single Phase Induction Motors  Special Machines  Single Phase AC series Motors  Reluctance motors  Hysteresis Motors  Single and 3 phase induction regulators

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I.T.E.R. Bhubaneswar Review of basic fundamentals  What do you mean by AC ?  Answer:- Any quantity ( like voltage, current, power) that alternates after regular intervals of time with the sequence in the positive half remaining identical with the sequence in the negative half can be called alternating.  Pick up from below who are AC !!! We have sinusoidal, square, triangular, ramp, saw tooth wave and a complex wave forms…

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I.T.E.R. Bhubaneswar Review of basic fundamentals  What do you mean by time period ? In the figure below, 3 waves are there. The divisions along x axis are 1 sec each. What are the time periods of each wave??

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