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Note for Microprocessor and Microcontroller - MPMC By sai pavan ch

  • Microprocessor and Microcontroller - MPMC
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Note for Microprocessor and Microcontroller - MPMC By sai pavan ch


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Module-1 (Microprocessor) 3 Architecture Of 8085 4 Various Status Flags 8 Basic Operation Of 8085 10 Based on Operation 11 Data Transfer Group 12 Logical Group 20 Branch Control Group 24 Bus Architecture Of 8085 29 Pin Diagram nOf 8085 30 Various Addressing Modes 35 Instruction Cycle 36 Timing Diagram for Fetch 38 Timing Diagram for MW 39 Timing Diagram For I/O Write 40 Questions and Answers 42 8085 Programming 50 Addition Of A Series Of Numbers 53 Interrupt 54 Classification Of Interrupt 56 SIM (Set Interrupt Mask) 57 RIM (Read Interrupt Mask) 59 Memory Interfacing 61 Memory & I/O Addressing 62 Interfacing Design 63 Programmable Peripheral Interface (PPI) 8255 65 PIN Diagram 66 Block Diagram Of 8255 67 Modes Of Operation Of 8255 68 Control Word Register 69 8257 (DMA Controller) 73 Cycle Stealing Mode 74 BLOCK & PIN Description 75 Read/Write Control Logic 76 8253 PIC (Priority Interrupt Controller) 77 Interrupt And Logic System 79 Control And Logic Block 80 8259 Programming 81 MICROCONTROLLER 84 Architecture OF 8051 86 Stack Pointer 88 Data Pointer 91 Addressing Modes 92 8051 Instruction Set 93 Boolean Varible Manipulation Instruction 99 Interrupts of 8051 101 Memory Organization 103 Intel 8086 106 Block Architecture of 8086 107 Flag Register 109 Bus Interfacing Unit 112 Pin Description of 8086 113 PINs for Minimum Mode 116 PINs for Maximum Mode 117 Memory Segmantation 118 Physical Memory Organization 119 Addressing modes of 8086 121 80386 (Features) 125 Pointer 130 Virtual Addressing Mode 131 Paging 132 8279 Programmable Keyboard/ Display Interface 139 Programmable DMA Controller 143 85272 Floppy Disk Controller 146 8254 Programmable Interval Timer 147 8251- USART 151 Transmitter Section 153

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MPMC LECTURE NOTES [Edited By Amlan…] MPMC LECTURE NOTES Syllabus MODULE - I (10 hours) Microprocessor Architecture: Microprocessor and Microcomputer Architecture, Pins & Signals, Register Organization, Timing & Control Module, 8085 Instruction Timing & Execution. Assembly Language Programming of 8085: Instruction set of 8085, Memory & I/O Addressing, Assembly language programming, Stack & Subroutines. Interfacing EPROM & RAM Memories: 2764 & 6264, 8085 Interrupts MODULE – II (15 hours) 8086 Microprocessor: Architectures, Pin Diagrams and Timing Diagrams: Register Organisation, Architecture, Signal Description, Physical Memory Organisations, Bus Operation, I/O Addressing Capability, Special Processor Activities, Minimum Mode System and Timings, Maximum Mode System and Timings 8086 Instruction Set and Assembler Directives: Machine Language Instruction Formats, Addressing Modes, Instruction Set, Assembler Directives and Operators Assembly Language Programming with 8086: Machine Level Programs, Machine Coding the Programs ,Programming with an Assembler Special Architectural Features and Related Programming: Stack, Interrupts and Interrupt Service Routines, Interrupt Cycle,Non Maskable Interrupt, Maskable Interrupt, Interrupt Programming, Passing Parameters to Procedures, Handling Programs of Size More than 64k,MACROS, Timings and Delays Basic Peripherals and Their Interfacing with 8086: Semiconductor Memory Interfacing, Dynamic RAM Interfacing, Interfacing I/O Ports, PIO 8255],Modes of Operation of 8255, Interfacing Analog to Digital Data Converters, Interfacing Digital to Analog to Converters, Stepper Motor Interfacing , Special Purpose Programmable Peripheral Devices and Their Interfacing Programmable Interval Timer 8253, Programmable Interrupt Controller 8259A, The Keyboard/Display Controller 8279, Programmable Communication Interface 8251USART DMA, Floppy Disk and CRT Controllers DMA Controller 8257,DMA Transfers and Operations, Programmable DMA Interface 8237, Floppy Disk Controller 8272, CRT Controller 8275 1

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MPMC LECTURE NOTES [Edited By Amlan…] 80386 Microprocessor: Introduction, Architecture, Pins & Signals, Memory System, Registers, Memory Management, Paging Technique, Protected Mode Operation. MODULE –III (15 HOURS) 8051 Microcontrollers: Microcontrollers and embedded processors, Overview of the 8051 family 8051 Hardware Connection: Pin description of the 8051 8051 Assembly Language Programming: Inside the 8051, Assembly, Programming Assembling and Running an 8051 Program, The Program Counter and ROM Space in the 8051 8051 data types and Directives, PSW Register, register Banks and Stack Jump, loop, and Call Instructions: Loop and Jump Instructions, Call Instructions, Time Delay for Various 8051 chips 8051 I/O Port Programming: I/O Programming, I/O Bit Manipulation Programming, 8051 Addressing Modes: Immediate and register Addressing Modes, Accessing memory using various Addressing Modes, Bit Addresses for I/O and RAM Arithmetic & Logic Instructions and Programs: Arithmetic Instructions, Signed number concepts and Arithmetic Operations, Logic and Compare Instructions, Rotate Instruction and data Serialization, BCD, ASCII, and other Application Programs 8051 Serial Port Programming in Assembly: Basic of Serial communication, 8051 connection to RS232, 8051 Serial port Programming in Assembly, Programming the second Serial port Interrupts Programming in Assembly: 8051 Interrupts, Programming timer Interrupts, Programming external hardware Interrupts, Programming the Serial Communication interrupt, Interrupt Priority in the 8051 ADC, DAC, and Sensor Interfacing: Parallel and Serial ADC, DAC Interfacing Sensor Interfacing and Signal Conditioning Interfacing to External Memory: Semiconductor Memory, Memory Address Decoding, Interfacing with External ROM, 8051 Data Memory space, Accessing External data Memory 8051 Interfacing with the 8255: 8255 Interfacing, Pogramming for the 8255 Motor Control: RELAY, PWM, DC, and Stepper Motors: Relays and Opto- isolations, Stepper Motor Interfacing, DC Motor Interfacing and PWM 2

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MPMC LECTURE NOTES [Edited By Amlan…] 3

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MPMC LECTURE NOTES [Edited By Amlan…] 4

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