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Digital Communication Techniques

by Bharathi RajaBharathi Raja
Type: NoteInstitute: Anna University, Chennai Course: B.Tech Specialization: Electronics and Communication EngineeringOffline Downloads: 333Views: 6299Uploaded: 4 months ago

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Bharathi Raja
Bharathi Raja
EC6501 DIGITAL COMMUNICATION LTPC 3003 UNIT I SAMPLING & QUANTIZATION 9 Low pass sampling – Aliasing- Signal Reconstruction-Quantization - Uniform & non-uniform quantization quantization noise - Logarithmic Companding of speech signal- PCM - TDM UNIT II WAVEFORM CODING 9 Prediction filtering and DPCM - Delta Modulation - ADPCM & ADM principles-Linear Predictive Coding UNIT III BASEBAND TRANSMISSION 9 Properties of Line codes- Power Spectral Density of Unipolar / Polar RZ & NRZ – Bipolar NRZ - ManchesterISI – Nyquist criterion for distortionless transmission – Pulse shaping – Correlative coding - Mary schemes – Eye pattern - Equalization UNIT IV DIGITAL MODULATION SCHEME 9 Geometric Representation of signals - Generation, detection, PSD & BER of Coherent BPSK, BFSK & QPSK QAM - Carrier Synchronization - structure of Non-coherent Receivers - Principle of DPSK. UNIT V ERROR CONTROL CODING 9 Channel coding theorem - Linear Block codes - Hamming codes - Cyclic codes - Convolutional codes - Vitterbi Decoder TOTAL: 45 PERIODS OUTCOMES: Upon completion of the course, students will be able to Design PCM systems  Design and implement base band transmission schemes  Design and implement band pass signaling schemes  Analyze the spectral characteristics of band pass signaling schemes and their noise performance  Design error control coding schemes TEXT BOOK: 1. S. Haykin, “Digital Communications”, John Wiley, 2005 REFERENCES: 1. B. Sklar, “Digital Communication Fundamentals and Applications”, 2nd Edition, Pearson Education, 2009 2. B.P.Lathi, “Modern Digital and Analog Communication Systems” 3rd Edition, Oxford University Press 2007. 3. H P Hsu, Schaum Outline Series - “Analog and Digital Communications”, TMH 2006 4. J.G Proakis, “Digital Communication”, 4th Edition, Tata Mc Graw Hill Company, 2001.

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