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Note for Mechatronics - Mech By ANNA SUPERKINGS

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SRI VIDYA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY COURSE MATERIAL (LECTURE NOTES) UNIT –I MECHATRONICS It field of study that implies the synergistic integration of electronic engineering, electrical engineering, control engineering and computer technology maintenance of a wide range of engineering products and Processes".with mechanical engineering for the design, manufacture, analyses and processes. SYSTEM: A system may be defined as a black box which has an input and an output. System concerned only with their relationship between the input and output and not on the process going inside the box. Here, the input is the electric power and the output after processed by the system is rotation. The system is motor. ME6702/MECHATRONICS/UNIT-1 Page 1

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SRI VIDYA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY COURSE MATERIAL (LECTURE NOTES) MECHATRONICSYSTEM: Actuators: Solenoids, voice coils, D.C. motors, Stepper motors, Servomotor, hydraulics, pneumatics. Sensors: Switches, Potentiometer, Photoelectric, Digital encoder, Strain gauge, Thermocouple, accelerometer etc. Input signal conditioning and interfacing: Discrete circuits, Amplifiers, Filters, A/D, D/D. Digital control architecture: Logic circuits, Microcontroller, SBC, PLC, Sequencing and timing, Logic and arithmetic, Control algorithm, Communication. Output signal conditioning and interfacing: D/A D/D, Amplifiers, PWM, Power transistor, Power Op- amps. Graphical displays: LEDs, Digital displays ME6702/MECHATRONICS/UNIT-1 Page 2

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SRI VIDYA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY COURSE MATERIAL (LECTURE NOTES) MEASUREMENTSYSTEM: A measurement system can be defined as a black box which is used for making measurements. It has the input as the quantity being measured and the output as a measured value of that quantity. ELEMENTS OF MEASUREMENT SYSTEMS: Measurement system consists of the following three elements. a) Sensor ME6702/MECHATRONICS/UNIT-1 b) Signalconditioner c) DisplaySystem Page 3

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SRI VIDYA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY COURSE MATERIAL (LECTURE NOTES) Sensor: A sensor consists of transducer whose function is to convert the one form of energy into electrical form of energy. A sensor is a sensing element of measurement system that converts the input quantity being measured into an output signal which is related to the quantity. Example: Temperature Sensor –Thermocouple Input –Temperature Output –E.M.F (ElectricalParameter). Signal Conditioner: A signal conditioner receives signal from the sensor and manipulates it into a suitable condition for display. The signal conditioner performs filtering, amplification or other signal conditioning on the sensor output. Example: Temperature measurement (Amplifier) Input Output –Single Conditioner function –Small E.M.F value (From sensor) –Big E.M.F Value (Amplified). DisplaySystem: A display system displays the data (output) from the signal conditioner by an analog or digital. A digital system is a temporary store such as recorder. Example: Display Input Output ME6702/MECHATRONICS/UNIT-1 – L.E.D (or) Number on scale by pointer movement –Conditioned Signal (from signal conditioner) –Value of the quantity (Temperature) Page 4

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