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Note for Production Technology - PT by kumar sanjeeb shaw

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Kumar Sanjeeb Shaw
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Production Technology (MET-502) [SL-03] 5TH MECHANICAL {1}

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Assignments - 1 Name of the Chapter : Metal Forming Processes Chapter No-1 Short Type Questions 1. Define extrusion. [2011(w)-new, 2011(w)-old, 2012, 2015] Ans. Extrusion is a process in which a billet or slug or metal is forced by high pressure through as orifice that is shaped to provide the desired form to the finished part. It is just like squeezing the toothpaste tube. 2. What are the types of extrusion? [2016S] Ans. Extrusion is of two types Cold extrusion : Direct extrusion, Indirect extrusion Hot Extrusion : Direct extrusion, Indirect extrusion. 3. Define rolling process? Ans. Rolling is most rapid method of forming metal into desired shapes by plastic deformation in between rolls. 4. What is the field application of rolling process? [2010(w)] Ans. To make metal sheets from hot or cold billet Bars of all shapes, rods, sheets, foils of softer metal. 5. What is impact extrusion? [2011(w)] Ans. Extrusion made by striking slugs of metal & formins them by high impact. Is known as impact extrusion. 6. What is the difference between hot rolling and cold rolling? [2012(w)] Ans. - In hot rolling process metal in a hot plastic state is passed between two rolls revolving at the same speed but in opposite direction. Sheets can be made by hot rolling. It may be finished or may not - In cold rolling. Bars of all shapes, rods, sheets, foils of softer metal can be made. In this we get bright surface, finished, improved physical properties. 7. Write two differences between rolling and extrusion? [2010(w)] Ans. - In rolling hot or cold metal may put in between two or more roller bites to from desirable shapes sheet. - In extrusion metal placed in a closed cavity externally heated & press with high pressure to be out in desirable shape like squeezing of toothpaste tube. {2}

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Assignments - 2 Name of the Chapter : Welding Chapter no-2 Short Type Questions 1. Define welding [2012, 2010(w), 2016S] Ans. Welding is a process of joining similar metals by application of heat with or without application of pressure & addition of filler material. 2. Define flux in welding. [2011(w)] Ans. Welding flux is a combination of carbonate & silicate material used in welding processes to shield the weld from atmospheric gases. 3. Define welding state two uses of flux in welding Ans. 4. [2010(w)] It supplies shielding gas. It relied upon to generate the necessary protection from the atmosphere. Write the different processes of welding [S] Ans. Different processes of welding are : Arc welding, Gas welding, Resistance welding 5. What do you mean by gas welding [S] Ans. Gas webling is done by burning a combustible gas with air & oxygen in a concentrated flame of high temperature. 6. Name various types of flame used in gas welding. [2012, 2010(w), 2011(w)-new] Ans. Neutral Flame, Carburising flame, Oxidising flame 7. How are neutral, oxidizing and reducing flames obtained in a welding torch? [S] Ans. Neutral flame – By adjusting both the knob at the same position. Oxidsing Flame – By adjusting excess oxygen with balance gas. Reducing Flame – By adjusting excess gas with balance oxygen. 8. State the function of electrode. [2011(w)-new] Ans. It is used to conduct current through a workpiece to fuse two piece together. 9. What is TIG and MIG? [2011(w)-new, 2011(w)-old] Ans. TIG – Tungsten Inert Gas arc welding where consumable electrode of metal is used. 10. State application of TIG and MIG welding. [S] Ans. TIG welding is used where the welding made lighter to reduce the fuel consumption & save on higher cost of fuel like automobile vehicle & aircraft. 11. What is resistance welding? [S] Ans. Resistance welding, the metal parts to be joined are heated to a plastic state over a limited area by their resistance to the flow of electric current & mechanical pressure is used to complete the weld. {3}

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12. State the principle of resistance WELDING [S] Ans. The principale of resistance welding is the joule heating law where the heat Q is generated depending on three basic factors as expressed. Q=I2RT Q = heat I = Current R = Resistance T = Time of duration of current flows. 13. Write the name of two resistance welding process. [2010(w)] Ans. Resistance welding 14. - Butt welding - Spot welding - Seam welding - Projection welding. Define arc welding. [2011(w)-old] Ans. Arc welding is a type of welding that uses a welding power supply to create an electric are between an electrode & the base material to melt the metal at welding point. 15. Define seam welding. [2011(w)-old] Ans. Seam welding is a method of making a continuous joint between two overlapping piece of sheet metal. In this weld the workpiece is placed between the wheels which serves as conductor for producing continuous weld. 16. Give a list of equipments required for electric arc welding. Ans. - ac or dc machine 17. - Electrode - Electrode holder - Wire brust - Chipping hammer - Hand gloves Write down the equipments required for oxy-acetylene welding. Ans. - Welding Torch - pressure regulator [S] - Welding tip - Gas cylinder {4} [S]

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