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Birjesh Yaduvanshi
Birjesh Yaduvanshi
Professor K.Srinivasan Department of Mechanical Engineering Indian Institute of Science Bangalore
Fundamental Concepts and Definitions THERMODYNAMICS: ¾ It is the science of the relations between heat, Work and the properties of the systems. ¾ How to adopt these interactions to our benefit? Thermodynamics enables us to answer this question.
Analogy All currencies are not equal Eg: US$ or A$ or UK£ etc. Have a better purchasing power than Indian Rupee or Thai Baht or Bangladesh Taka similarly,all forms of energy are not the same. Human civilization has always endeavoured to obtain ¾ Shaft work ¾ Electrical energy ¾ Potential energy to make life easier
Examples If we like to ¾ Rise the temperature of water in kettle ¾ Burn some fuel in the combustion chamber of an aero engine to propel an aircraft. ¾ Cool our room on a hot humid day. ¾ Heat up our room on a cold winter night. ¾ Have our beer cool. What is the smallest amount of electricity/fuel we can get away with?

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