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Note for Modern Manufacturing process - MMP By Bput Toppers

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Module 1 Classification of Metal Removal Processes and Machine tools Version 2 ME IIT, Kharagpur

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Lesson 1 Introduction to Manufacturing and Machining Version 2 ME IIT, Kharagpur

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Instructional objectives At the end of this lesson, the student would be able to : (i) (ii) (iii) (iv) (v) (vi) (vii) (viii) (ix) Identify the necessity of “manufacturing” Define with examples the concept of “manufacturing” List the main classifications of the manufacturing processes with examples State the main purposes of “machining” Define with examples the concept of “machining” State with example the principles of “machining” State with examples the main requirements for “machining” State with examples the main functions of “Machine tools” Define the concept of “machine tools” (i) Manufacturing – Need and concept The progress and the prosperity of human civilization are governed and judged mainly by improvement and maintenance of standard of living through availability or production of ample and quality goods and services for men’s material welfare (MMW) in all respects covering housing, clothing, medicine, education, transport, communication and also entertainment. The successful creation of men’s material welfare (MMW) depends mainly on • availability of natural resources (NR) • exertion of human effort (HE); both physical and mental • development and use of power tools and machines (Tools), This can be depicted in a simple form, MMW = NR(HE)TOOLS where, NR: refers to air, water, heat and light, plants and animals and solid and liquid minerals TOOLS: refers to power plants, chemical plants, steel plants, machine tools etc. which magnify human capability. This clearly indicates the important roles of the components; NR, HE and TOOLS on achieving MMW and progress of civilization. Production or manufacturing can be simply defined as value addition processes by which raw materials of low utility and value due to its inadequate material properties and poor or irregular size, shape and finish are converted into high utility and valued products with definite dimensions, forms and finish imparting some functional ability. A typical example of manufacturing is schematically shown in Fig. 1.1. Version 2 ME IIT, Kharagpur

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A lump of mild steel of irregular shape, dimensions and surface, which had almost no use and value, has been converted into a useful and valuable product like bolt by a manufacturing process which imparted suitable features, dimensional accuracy and surface finish, required for fulfilling some functional requirements. Value added Fig. 1.1 Value addition by manufacturing. Production Engineering covers two domains: (a) Production or Manufacturing Processes (b) Production Management (a) Manufacturing Processes This refers to science and technology of manufacturing products effectively, efficiently, economically and environment-friendly through • Application of any existing manufacturing process and system • Proper selection of input materials, tools, machines and environments. • Improvement of the existing materials and processes • Development of new materials, systems, processes and techniques All such manufacturing processes, systems, techniques have to be • Technologically acceptable • Technically feasible • Economically viable • Eco-friendly Manufacturing Science and technology are growing exponentially to meet the growing demands for; (i) Increase and maintenance of productivity, quality and economy specially in respect of liberalisation and global competitiveness Version 2 ME IIT, Kharagpur

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