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Engineering Tribology

by Engineering KingsEngineering Kings
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Engineering Kings
Engineering Kings
Tribology 101 – Introduction to the Basics of Tribology SJ Shaffer, Ph.D. – Bruker-TMT Steven.shaffer@bruker-nano.com
Outline • Origin/Definition of “Tribology” (Term and Field) • Encompassing Fields • Fundamentals of Tribology: • • • • Surfaces in Contact Friction Lubrication Wear • Concluding Words • Upcoming Topics in Series 1/29/2013 2
What is Tribology ? • Tribology comes from the Greek word, “tribos”, meaning “rubbing” or “to rub” • And from the suffix, “ology” means “the study of” • Therefore, Tribology is the study of rubbing, or… “the study of things that rub”. • This includes the fields of: • Friction, • Lubrication, and • Wear. 1/29/2013 3
“Tribology” is a new word… • Coined by Dr. H. Peter Jost in England in 1966 • “The Jost Report”, provided to the British Parliament – Ministry for Education and Science, indicated… “Potential savings of over £515 million per year ($800 million) for industry by better application of tribological principles and practices.” But… Tribology is not a new field! 1/29/2013 4

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