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Note for ENGINEERING MECHANICS - EM By Engineering Dude

  • Engineering Mechanics - EM
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  • Veer Surendra Sai University Of Technology VSSUT -
  • Mechanical Engineering
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Lesson Plan Subject: Engineering Mechanics (BME- 101), Date Lecture 08.01.2015 Lecture 1 Topics to be covered Concurrent forces on a plane: Introduction to engineering mechanics, 09.01.2015 Lecture 2 Composition of forces, parallelogram law, numerical problems. 10.01.2015 Lecture 3 Resolution of forces, equilibrium of collinear forces, super position and transmissibility, free body diagram, 12.01.2015 Lecture 4 Equilibrium of concurrent forces: Lami’s theorem, method of projection, equilibrium of three forces in a plane, 15.01.2015 Lecture 5 Method of moments, numerical problems on equilibrium of concurrent forces 16.01.2015 Lecture 6 Friction: Definition of friction, static friction, dynamics friction, coefficient of friction, angle of friction, angle of repose. Wedge friction, simple friction problems based on sliding of block on horizontal and inclined plane and wedge friction 17.01.2015 Lecture 7 Ladder and rope friction, simple problems on ladder and rope friction. 19.01.2015 Lecture 8 General case of parallel forces, center of parallel forces, numerical problems. 22.01.2015 Lecture 9 Center of gravity, centroid of plane figure and curves, numerical examples. 29.01.2015 Lecture 10 Centroid of composite figures figure and curves, numerical problems. 30.01.2015 Lecture 11 Numerical examples on centroid of plane figure and curves 31.01.2015 Lecture 12 Composition and equilibrium of forces in a plane: Introduction to plane trusses, perfect, redundant truss,

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02.02.2015 Lecture 13 Solving problem of truss using method of joint. 05.02.2015 Lecture 14 Numerical examples on solving truss problems using method of joint. 06.02.2015 Lecture 15 Method of section, numerical examples. 07.02.2015 Lecture 16 Numerical examples on method of joint and method of section 09.02.2015 Lecture 17 Principle of virtual work: Basic concept, virtual displacement, numerical problems 12.02.2015 Lecture 18 Numerical problems on virtual work. 13.02.2015 Lecture 19 Numerical problems on virtual work. 14.02.2015 Lecture 20 Moment of Inertia of plane figure with respect to an axis in its plane, numerical examples. 16.02.2015 Lecture 21 Moment of Inertia of plane figure with respect to an axis and perpendicular to the plane, parallel axis theorem, numerical examples. 19.02.2015 Lecture 22 Numerical examples on MI of plane figures. 20.02.2015 Lecture 23 Rectilinear Translation: Kinematics of rectilinear translation, displacement, velocity, acceleration, numerical problems on rectilinear translation 21.02.2015 Lecture 24 Principle of Dynamics: Newton’s Laws, General equation of motion of a particle, differential equation of rectilinear motion, numerical problems. 23.02.2015 Lecture 25 Numerical problems on principle of dynamics 26.02.2015 Lecture 26 D’Alembert’s problems. Principle: Basic theory and numerical 27.02.2015 Lecture 27 Numerical problems on D’Alembert’s Principle. 28.02.2015 Lecture 28 Momentum and Impulse: Basic theory and numerical

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problems 02.03.2015 Lecture 29 Numerical problems on momentum and impulse. 07.03.2015 Lecture 30 Work and Energy: Basic theory and numerical problems 09.03.2015 Lecture 31 Ideal systems: Conservation of energy: Basic theory and numerical problems 12.03.2015 Lecture 32 Impact: Plastic impact, elastic impact, semi-elastic impact, coefficient of restitution numerical problems on impact on various conditions. 13.03.2015 Lecture 33 Numerical problems on impact. 14.03.2015 Lecture 34 Curvilinear Translation: Kinematics of curvilinear translation, displacement, velocity and acceleration, numerical problems on curvilinear translation 16.03.2015 Lecture 35 Differential equation of curvilinear motion: Basic theory and numerical problems 19.03.2015 Lecture 36 Motion of a Projectile: 20.03.2015 Lecture 37 Numerical problems on projectile for different cases. 21.03.2015 Lecture 38 D Alembert’s Principles in Curvilinear Motion: Basic theory and numerical problems. 23.03.2015 Lecture 39 Rotation of rigid body: Kinematics of rotation and numerical problems. 26.03.2015 Lecture 40 Numerical problems on rotation of rigid bodies.

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