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Note for Machine Dynamics-2 - MD-2 by Engineering Kings

  • Machine Dynamics-2 - MD-2
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  • Mechanical Engineering
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Lectures notes On Machine Dynamics II Course Code- BME-317 Prepared by Prof. Mihir Kumar Sutar Asst. professor, Department of Mechanical Engg.

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BME 317 : Machine Dynamics-II (M) Module – I 1. Toothed Gears: Theory of shape and action of tooth properties and methods of generation of standard tooth profiles, standard proportion , interference and undercutting, methods for eliminating interference ,minimum number of teeth to avoid interference.(7) 2. Gyroscope:Gyroscopic couple, plane disc, analysis of forces on bearing due to forced precession of rotating disc mounted on shaft, gyroscopic effect on a two wheel and a four wheel vehicle ,gyroscopic stabilization(6) Module - II 3. Cams: Simple harmonics, constant velocity and acceleration types, displacement, velocity and acceleration of follower ,cams with specified contours.(6) 4. Governors: Centrifugal governors – Watt and Porter governors ,spring loaded governors Hartnell governors , sensitiveness ,stability isochronism, hunting , governer effort and power ,curves of controlling force , effect of friction .(6) Module - III 5. Balancing: Balancing of revolving masses in one plane and different planes ,partial balancing of single cylinder ,engine balancing of multicylinder engine ,v and radial engine ,methods of direct and reverse cranks(5) 6. Dynamics Of Machine: Turning moment diagram ,flywheel.(3) Module - IV 7. Vibration : Introduction to vibration, causes of vibration, elimination of vibration, types of vibration – longitudinal, transverse , torsional ; definition of terminology like natural frequency, amplitude , time period , free vibration, forced vibration, resonance, degree of freedom with examples , calculation of natural frequency of undamped single degree of freedom system by Newton’s 2nd Law, D-Alembert’s principle and energy method, Equivalent spring constant for the system having different types of combination of springs and calculation of their natural frequencies , calculation of natural frequency of single degree of spring – mass system taking mass of spring into account (7)

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