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Note for Programming And Datastructure - PDS By Vssut Rulers

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LECTURE NOTES on PROGRAMMING & DATA STRUCTURE Course Code : BCS101 By Prof. Dr. Amiya Kumar Rath Asst. Prof Sumitra Kisan Asst. Prof Gargi Bhattacharjee

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SYLLABUS Module 1: (10 Lectures) C Language Fundamentals, Arrays and Strings Character set, Identifiers, Keywords, Data Types, Constant and Variables, Statements, Expressions, Operators, Precedence of operators, Input – output Assignments, Control structures, Decision making and Branching, Decision making & looping. Declarations. Module 2: (10 Lectures) Monolithic vs Modular programs, User defined vs standard functions, formal vs Actual arguments, Functions category, function prototypes, parameter passing, Recursion, Storage Classes: Auto, Extern, Global, Static.Character handling in C. String handling functions. Pointers, Structures, Union & File handling Module 3: (10 Lectures) Pointer variable and its importance, Pointer Arithmetic passing parameters, Declaration of structures, pointer to pointer, pointer to structure, pointer to function, unions dynamic memory allocations, unions, file handling in C. Module 4: (10 Lectures) Development of Algorithms: Notations and Analysis, Storage structures for arrays-sparse matrices, Stacks and Queues: Applications of Stack: Prefix, Postfix and Infix expressions. Circular queue, Double ended queue.

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CONTENTS Module: 1 Lecture 1: A Beginner’s Guide Lecture 2: Introduction to Programming Lecture 3: Introduction to C, structure of C programming Lecture 4: Elements of C Lecture 5: Variables, Statements, Expressions Lecture 6: Input-Output in C Lecture 7: Formatted Input-Output Lecture 8: Operators Lecture 9: Operators continued… Lecture 10: Control Statements Lecture 11: Iterative statements Lecture 12: Jump statements Module: 2 Lecture 13: Function Lecture 14: Function categories Lecture 15: Actual arguments and Formal arguments Lecture 16: Recursion Lecture 17: Recursion verses Iteration Lecture 18: Storage classes Lecture 19: Arrays Lecture 20: Two Dimensional Arrays Lecture 21: Array using Function Lecture 22: Strings

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Lecture 23: Common Functions in String Module: 3 Lecture 24: Structure in C Union Lecture 25: Nested Structure Lecture 26: Union Lecture 27: Pointers Lecture 28: Pointers and Arrays Lecture 29: Pointer Arithmetic Lecture 30: Pointers and Function Lecture 31: Dynamic Memory Allocation Lecture 32: Pointer to Structure Lecture 33: File Module: 4 Lecture 34: Algorithm and Data Structure Lecture 35: Analysis of Algorithms Lecture 36: Storage structure of Arrays Lecture 37: Sparse Matrices Lecture 38: Stack Lecture 39: Queue References

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