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Note for Design of Steel Structure - DSS By Vssut Rulers

  • Design of Steel Structure - DSS
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Course Materials- Civil Engineering- Steel Structures DISCLAIMER These lecture notes are being prepared and printed for the use in training the students and practicing engineers. No commercial use of these notes is permitted and copies of these will not be offered for sale in any manner. Due acknowledgement has been made in the reference sections. The readers are encouraged to provide written feedbacks for improvement of course materials. Dr Ajaya Kumar Nayak Mrs Leena Sinha Mr Bijan Kumar Roy Under revision *, Funded by ETET Odisha 2

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Course Materials- Civil Engineering- Steel Structures Preface to the First Edition of Lecture Notes It is well known that the students of civil engineering particularly students in foundation courses like steel structures are greatly handicapped due to the want of a concise and comprehensive lecture note on the subject as a whole. A student has therefore no other way than to go through a number of voluminous textbooks on each one of the various branches of Steel Structures and in doing so he/she is very often confused about how much he/she should read and know. This confusion obviously leads to undue wastage of time and energy on the part of the student. With much of inspiration from our Hon’ble Vice Chancellor Prof. E. Sai Baba Reddy, VSSUT, Burla we ventured to accept the task of writing this lecture notes in which an attempt has been made to discuss the fundamental principles of all the different branches of the subject in such a manner as to enable the student to gradually acquire a reasonably good standard of foundation knowledge of Steel Structures. Each individual lecture deals with a particular branch of the subject and the extent of treatment is expected to fulfil the requirements for the Four year BTech degree course in Civil Engineering of the State and Central Universities in India. We take this opportunity to offer our sincere thanks and deep sense of gratitude to Professor S S Das, Head of the Civil Engineering Department who gave us the motivation to this work. We also thank the faculty members and staffs of Civil Engineering Department VSSUT Burla for creating stimulating environment for carrying out this work. Thanks are also due to Mr Muna Kalundia of the Department of Architecture, VSSUT, Burla who prepared some diagrams contained in this lecture notes. Thanks are also due to Mr Avaya Kumar Satapathy of the Department of Civil Engineering, VSSUT, Burla who typed some parts of lecture notes while we are very busy in carrying out the important works for VSSUT, Burla. We shall deem our efforts successful if the lecture notes is proved useful to those for whom it is meant. VSSUT, Burla The 8th April, 2015 Dr Ajaya Kumar Nayak Mrs Leena Sinha Mr Bijan Kumar Roy Under revision *, Funded by ETET Odisha 3

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Course Materials- Civil Engineering- Steel Structures Module 1 Lecture 1 In this lecture the course outline and the module and lecture wise breakup of the steel structure course are discussed. Also, the list of reference books, conference papers, reports and journals have been given. Course Outline of BCE 309 Steel Structures (3-1-0) CR-04 (IS 800-2007 and Steel Tables are permitted in the Examination) Module I: Philosophy, concept and methods of design of steel structures, structural elements, structural steel sections, riveted and welded connections, design of tension members Module II: Design of compression members, Design of columns, lacing and battening, Column base and foundation Module III: Design of beams, Plate Girder and Gantry Girder Module IV: Design of roof trusses. Course Prerequisites: Structural Analysis, Mechanics of Materials, Engineering Mechanics References 1. Ram Chandra and V. Gehlot, Design of Steel Structures, Scientific Publishers, Jodhpur 2. L.S. Negi, Design of Steel Structures, Tata McGraw Hill Book Co. 3. B.C. Punmia, A.K. Jain and A.K. Jain, Design of Steel Structures, Laxmi Publishers 4. N. Subramanian, Design of Steel Structures, Oxford University Press 5. S.K. Duggal, Limit State Design of Steel Structures, Tata McGraw Hill Book Co. 6. R. Narayanan and Kalyanraman V, INSDAG Guide for the Structural Use of Steel Work in Buildings, IIT Madras and Institute of Steel Development and Growth 7. PH Waarts, ACWM Vrouwenvelder, Stochastic finite element analysis of steel structures, Journal of Constructional Steel Research, 1999, 52, pp. 21-32 8. IS 800:2007, Indian Standard General Construction in Steel- Code of Practice (Third Revision), Bureau of Indian Standards, New Delhi, Dec 143 pages 9. N Subramanian, Code of Practice on Steel Structures- A Review of IS800: 2007, CE & CR 2008. Pp 1-12 10. IS 800-1984, Indian Standard General Construction in Steel- Code of Practice (Second Revision), Bureau of Indian Standards, New Delhi, Dec 137 pages 11. SP (1) 1964, Hand Book For Structural Engineers, 1. Structural Steel Sections, Bureau of Indian Standards 12. J.C. McCormac and S.F. Csernak, Structural Steel Design, 5th Edition, Prentice Hall, 2011 13. T.B. Quimby, A Beginner’s Guide to the Steel Construction Manual, 2008 14. W.F. Chen and S. Toma, Advanced Analysis of Steel Frames, CRC Press, 1994 Under revision *, Funded by ETET Odisha 4

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Course Materials- Civil Engineering- Steel Structures 15. M.K. Chryssanthopoulos, G.M.E Manzocchi and A.S. Elnashai Probabilistic assessment of ductility for earthquake resistant design of steel members, Joutnal of Constructional Steel Research, 1999, 52, 47-68 16. Code of Practice for the structural use of steel 2011, Building Department, HongKong 17. R.B. Kulkarni and R.S. Jirage, Comparative Study of Steel Angles as Tension Members Designed by Working Stress Method and Limit State Method, International Journal of Scientific and Engineering Research, Volume 2, 10, 2011, 1-7 18. CAN/CSA-S16-01 Limit States Design of Steel Structures, A National Standard of Canada, 2003 19. NORSOK STANDARD, Design of Steel Structures, 1998 20. H. Krawinkler, Earthquake Design and Performance of Steel Structures, Bulletin of the New Zealand National Society for Earthquake Engineering, Vol 29, No 4, 1996. 21. A Ivan, M Ivan and I Both Comparison of FEA and Experimental Results for a Steel Frame Connection, WSEAS Transactions on Applied and Theoretical Mechanics, 2010, 3(5), 187-196. 22. BCSA and SCI, Hand Book of Structural Steel Work,2007, pp. 393, 23. LA Pasnur, S.S Patil, Comparative Study of Beam Using IS 800-1984 & IS 800-2007, International Journal of Engineering and Innovative Technology, 2(10), 2013. 24. C.W. Roeder, D.E. Lehman and J.H. Yoo, Improved Seismic Design of Steel Frame Connections, Steel Structures, 2005, 5, pp. 143-153. 25. S.L.Chan and P.P.T Chui, Nonlinear Static and Cyclic Analysis of Steel Frames With Semi-rigid Connections, Elsevier, 2000 26. M. Bill Wong, Plastic Design and Design of Steel Structures, Elsevier, 2009 27. S. Leelataviwat, S.C. Goel and S.H. Chao, Plastic versus Elastic Design of Steel Structures, Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems, 2011 28. K.M. Ghosh, Practical Design of Steel Structures, CRC Press, 2010 29. B. Gorenc, R Tinyou and A Syam, Steel Designers HandBook, UNSW Press,2005 30. Y.C. Wang, Steel and Composite Structures, Behaviour and Design for fire safety, Spon Press, 2002 31. C Clifton, M Bruneau, G. MacRae, R Leon and A Fussell, Steel Structures Damage From The Christchurch earthquake 2010 and 2011, Bulletin of the New Zealand and Society for earthquake Engineering, Vol 44, 4, 2011, pp. 1-22 32. B. Kirkee and I H Al-Jamd, Steel Structures Design Manual to AS 4100, 2004, pp 1243 33. T.J. MacGimley, Steel Structures Practical Design Studies, E & FN Spon, 2005 34. F Wald, L.S. Da Silva, D.B. Moore, T. Lennon, M. Chladna, A Santiago, M Benes, L Borges, Experimental Behaviour of Steel Structure under natural fire, Fire Safety Journal, 41, 2006, pp. 509-522 35. Kim KD, Large displacement of elasto-plastic analysis of stiffened plate and shell structures, Steel Structures, 2006, 6, 65-69. 36. Steel Bridge Design Handbook, Structural Behaviour of Steel, US Department of Transportation, November 2012 37. IS 7216-1974 (Reaffirmed 2006) Indian Standard Tolerances for fabrication of steel structures, pp. 1-27. Under revision *, Funded by ETET Odisha 5

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