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Note for Power Electronics - PE by Sarthak Sharma

  • Power Electronics - PE
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Sarthak Sharma
Sarthak Sharma
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DC-DC Converters Thyristor choppers, voltage, current and load commutation, step up and step down choppers, basic principles of switch mode power supplies, buck, boost and buck-boost converters. Applications: Rapid Transit Systems DC equivalent of transformer with variable turn ratio – smooth control, fast response, and highly efficient

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DC to DC Converters Principle of operation Average o/p voltage RMS value of Vo

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Control Methods Types: (i)Time-ratio control: constant fs (PWM) and variable fs (FM) (ii) Current-limit control PWM

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Control Methods Variable frequency system (FM) Constant Ton Constant Toff Wide variation of fs – EMI, - difficult filter design Possibility of discontinuous mode

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