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Note for Artificial Intelligence - AI By Khyber Khan

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Khyber Khan
Khyber Khan
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Instructor Khyber Khan Humdard Department Of CS, Khurasan University

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Intelligence  Artificial Intelligence  Goals/Objective of Ai  Conventional and Intelligent Computing  Advantages and Disadvantages Of Ai  Application of Ai  Saifullah_khyber@yahoo.com 2

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 The ability of a human being to acquire knowledge and apply it, means the capability of thinking and reasoning. According to the Henri Bergson: ❖ intelligence is the facility of making artificial objects.   The attribute and ability of a person through which a problem can be solved accurately. Saifullah_khyber@yahoo.com 3

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There are different definition of Ai:   A man made device that reflect one or more characteristics of human being is called Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is a subfield of Computer science devoted to making computer software and Hardware that imitates the human minds. Saifullah_khyber@yahoo.com 4

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