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Blood Relations Shortcut Tricks - PDF Blood Relations is one of the easiest chapter of Reasoning. It is scoring chapter. Once you know about the blood relations tricks, you can get full marks from this chapter in a few minutes.. Lets know more about this chapter. Blood Relations (Meaning) - Simply blood relations means blood relationship among members of the family. Structure of Different Blood Relations

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From the above diagram, you get the knowledge of Generations. Lets know about different terms in blood relations that will provide you easy platform while solving the questions in competitive exams. Important Terms in Blood Relations Father of Grandfather or Grandmother = Great Grand Father Mother of Grandfather or Grandmother = Great Grand Mother Father of Father or Mother =Grand Father Mother of Father or Mother = Grand Mother Wife of Grandfather = Grand Mother Husband of Grand Mother = Grand Father Father – in – Law of Father/Mother = Grand Father Mother – in – Law of Father/Mother = Grand Mother Father’s Father/Mother only son = Father Only Daughter – in – Law of Father’s Father/Father’s Mother = Mother Husband of Mother = Father Wife of Father = Mother Second Wife of Father = Step Mother

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Brother of Father or Mother = Uncle Sister of Father or Mother = Aunt Husband of Aunt = Uncle Wife of Uncle = Aunt Son of Grand Father/Grand Mother =Father/Uncle Daughter of Father – in – Law/Mother –in – Law of Father = Mother / Aunt Father of Wife/Husband = Father – in – Law Mother of Wife/Husband = Mother – in – Law Children of same parents = Siblings Father’s / Mother’s only son/daughter = Oneself Son of Father or Mother = Brother Daughter of Father or Mother = Sister Son of second Wife of Father = Step Brother Daughter of Second Wife of Father = Step Sister Son / Daughter of Uncle/Aunt = Cousin Brother of Husband or Wife = Brother – in – Law Sister of Husband or Wife = Sister – in – Law Husband of Sister/ Sister – in - Law = Brother – In – Law Son of Father = Oneself / Brother Mother of Son/ Daughter = Oneself/ Wife Father of Daughter / Son = Oneself/Husband Son of Son of Grand Mother/ Grand Father = Cousin/Oneself/Brother Daughter of Son of Grand Mother/Grand Father = Cousin / Oneself / Sister Son of Brother or Sister = Nephew Daughter of Brother or Sister = Niece Grandson of Father/Mother = Son / Nephew Grand Daughter of Father / Mother = Daughter / Niece Husband of Daughter = Son – in – Law Wife of Brother / Brother – in – Law = Sister – in - Law Wife of Son = Daughter – in – Law Son of Son/Daughter = Grandson Daughter of Son/Daughter Grand Daughter

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