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Note for Direction Sense Test - DST By Placement Factory

  • Direction Sense Test - DST
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Direction sense short Tricks & Questions with solutions Daily Visit | (A Complete Hub for Government Exams Preparation) 1

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----- Now we are going to discuss how to solve direction sense questions along with the shortcuts and tricks to solve the question in less than a minute. The questions of which are asked under the reasoning section in various competitive exams like IBPS Clerk, SBI Clerk, SSC CGL, Placement Aptitude, IBPS PO, SBI PO, NICL AO, LIC AAO, SBI Associate Clerk, SBI Associate PO, CAT and others. The key factor to solve this type of questions are have your basics right. So be strong in the basics first because knowing the conventional method gives you an upper hand when you lost track of the shortcut method. After you have acquired the basics and have gone to a pro, try to learn the tricks of various shortcuts.The first step for solving the questions utilizing the concept of 'directions' is to understand the direction chart, which has 8 directions. Take an optical canvassing of the direction chart given below. Basic Directions: Points to Remember :1. There are 8 directions in all i.e. N, S, E, W, NE, SE, SW, NW 2. Angle between 2 crosses i.e. NW & NE or N and E etc is 90* Questions that are asked: 1) Find the Final Direction. 2) Starting point direction with respect to the ending point. 3) Ending point direction with respect to starting point. Some other basics: 1.B is to the east of A. 2. B is to the west of A. 3. B is to the north of A. Note :- If not mentioned we always assume that the person is facing north. 4. B is to the south of A. Shortcut Approach:- To remember four main directions, always remember the word 'NEWS.' Daily Visit | (A Complete Hub for Government Exams Preparation) 3

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- 5. B is to the North East of A. Concept of Degree Let us see the following picture: 6. B is to the North West of A. Concept of Turn Left turn = clockwise turn Right turn = Anticlockwise turn. Let us understand it through pictorial representation: 7. B is to the South East of A. 8. B is to the South West of A. Important Points To Keep In Mind In Left Right Movement: 1. A person facing north, on taking left will face towards west and on taking the right turn towards east. Daily Visit | (A Complete Hub for Government Exams Preparation) 4

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