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Note for Synonyms - S by Placement Factory

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RESOURCE LIST SYNONYMS & ANTONYMS CODING SYSTEM: A B C Easiest Intermediate Most difficult Used in oral language; concrete concepts Harder words; more likely used in writing Advanced vocabulary and concepts Often a range of levels is given since the difficulty will vary according to the word selection. Most students find antonyms easier than synonyms since opposites tend to be more concrete concepts than similarities. However, since synonym substitution is a key strategy for improving written communication, study of synonyms is more beneficial. WORD SYNONYMS ANTONYMS LEVEL abandon desert, forsake keep abbreviate shorten, condense lengthen, increase ability skill, aptitude incompetence, inability B able capable, qualified incapable B above overhead below A abundant ample, sufficient scanty, insufficient accurate correct, right wrong B achieve accomplish, attain fail B active energetic, animated, lively lethargic, idle, sluggish adamant firm, unyielding maneuverable, yielding add increase, total subtract A-B adequate sufficient, enough, ample insufficient, sparse B-C adjourn postpone, recess recommence, continue C adult grown-up child A advocate support, recommend oppose after following, next before afraid frightened, scared courageous, brave A-B aggressive assertive, pushy, militant passive, peaceful B-C aid help, assist hinder B always forever never A amateur beginner, novice professional B ambitious aspiring, driven lazy, indifferent antagonize provoke, embitter soothe, tranquilize C apparent obvious, evident hidden, obscure C approve accept, ratify, endorse disapprove, censure arrive reach, come depart, leave arrogant haughty, stuck-up humble, modest B-C artificial fake, synthetic real, authentic B-C B B-C B-C B-C C B-C A B-C B-C B Synonyms & Antonyms p. 1

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WORD SYNONYMS ANTONYMS LEVEL ask question, inquire answer atrocious dreadful, contemptible, vile kind, wonderful C authentic genuine, real, factual false, artificial C average ordinary, fair unusual, exceptional B-C awful dreadful, atrocious pleasant B-C awkward clumsy, uncoordinated graceful B ban prohibit, forbid, outlaw allow, permit B barren unproductive, infertile fertile, productive C bashful shy, timid outgoing, assured B beautiful pretty, attractive, lovely ugly A before prior, earlier after, behind A-B beginning start, initiate finish, end A-B believe trust, accept doubt, distrust A-B below under, lower above beneficial helpful, useful, advantageous harmful, adverse B-C best finest, choice worst A-B birth beginning death, end A-B blend combine, mix separate bottom base, foundation top brave courageous, bold, heroic cowardly, timid break fracture, burst repair, heal brief short, concise long B broad wide, expansive narrow B busy active, occupied, working idle, inactive B buy purchase sell calm quiet, tranquil, still excited, turbulent B capture apprehend, seize, arrest free, release B care concern, protection neglect B careful cautious, watchful careless, reckless B cease stop, discontinue continue, recommence certain positive, sure, definite uncertain, unsure charming delightful, appealing, enchanting obnoxious, gross, vulgar chilly cool, nippy warm chubby plump, pudgy thin, skinny clarify explain, simplify confuse B close shut, fasten open A close near, imminent far B A-B A B A-B B A-B A-B B-C B B-C A A-B Synonyms & Antonyms p. 2

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WORD SYNONYMS ANTONYMS LEVEL coarse bumpy, rough fine, smooth B colossal enormous, immense, mammoth tiny, insignificant, trivial combine blend, unite, join separate B comical amusing, funny, humorous tragic, sorrowful B complex complicated, intricate simple B-C competent capable, qualified incompetent, inept B-C comprehend understand, grasp confuse, misinterpret B-C complete conclude, finish incomplete complex complicated, intricate simple B-C compress crush, condense, squeeze expand B-C concrete real, tangible, solid abstract, flimsy C concur agree, cooperate disagree B condemn censure, denounce approve B-C condense compress, concentrate expand, enlarge C confess admit, acknowledge deny B confine contain, enclose, restrain free, release conflict oppose, differ, clash agree conflict fight, battle, struggle peace, harmony B-C conform comply, submit dissent, dispute B-C confuse complicate, muddle, jumble clarify congested overcrowded, stuffed empty, unfilled connect join, link, attach separate, disconnect B conscientious scrupulous, virtuous neglectful, careless C conscious aware, cognizant unaware, unconscious C consecutive successive, continuous interrupted C conservative cautious, restrained radical, extreme C considerate thoughtful, sympathetic, mindful thoughtless, selfish C constantly always, continually scarcely, seldom B contaminate pollute, defile, infect purify B-C contented satisfied, pleased dissatisfied, unhappy B-C continue persist, persevere discontinue, stop B-C convalesce recuperate, recover, heal relapse C convenient handy, accessible inconvenient B conventional customary, traditional unusual B-C correct accurate, right, proper wrong, incorrect A-B courage bravery, valor cowardice B courteous polite, civil rude B B-C B B-C B B B-C Synonyms & Antonyms p. 3

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WORD SYNONYMS ANTONYMS LEVEL cover conceal, hide expose B cozy comfortable, snug, homey uncomfortable B cranky cross, irritable good-humored B crazy insane, daft, mad sane B cruel mean, heartless, ruthless kind, humane B cry sob, weep laugh A dally loiter, linger rush damage hurt, impair, harm remedy, repair B dangerous unsafe, hazardous, perilous safe B daring bold, audacious cautious B-C dark dismal, black light A-B dawn daybreak, sunrise evening dead lifeless, deceased alive, active decay rot, spoil bloom, flourish B deduct subtract, remove add B defend protect, shield attack, assault B defy resist, challenge obey, comply B delicate fragile, dainty sturdy B demolish destroy, wreck restore B denounce blame, censure, indict commend C dense thick, heavy, compressed sparse, empty depart leave, exit arrive B deposit store, place withdraw B desolate barren, forsaken dense, verdant C despise hate, detest, loathe love B destitute poor, penniless wealthy C destroy ruin, wreck, devastate restore B detach separate, unfasten, remove attach B deter hinder, prevent encourage B determined sure, convinced, resolute doubtful B-C die expire, perish live A-B different distinct, unlike same, alike difficult hard, challenging easy dilute weaken, thin strengthen B diminish curtail, lessen, decrease increase, amplify C dirty soiled, messy clean A disagree differ, dispute agree B B-C B A-B B-C B A-B Synonyms & Antonyms p. 4

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