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Note for Idioms and Phrases - IP by Abhishek Apoorv

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01) Chip on his shoulder- Angry today about something that occurred in the past 02) Chow down- To eat 03) Clear- cut- Clearly stated, definite, apparent 04) Close but no cigar- To be near and almost accomplish a goal, but fall short 05) Close call- A situation involving a narrow escape from danger 06) Cock and bull story- An unbelievable tale, untrue story 07) Come hell or high water- Any difficult situation or obstacle 08) Crack someone up- To make someone laugh 09) Cross your fingers- To hope that something happens the way you want it to 10) Cry wolf- Intentionally raise a false alarm 11) Cup of joe- A cup of coffee 12) Curtain lecture- A reproof by wife to her husband 13) Cut and dried- Ready made form 14) Cut to the chase- Leave out all the unnecessary details and just get to the point 15) Dark horse- One who was previously unknown and is now prominent 16) Day in and day out- Continuously, constantly 17) Dead Ringer- 100 % identical, a duplicate 18) Devil’s advocate- Someone who takes a position for the sake of argument without believing in that 19) Dog days of summer- The hottest day of the summer season 20) Don’t count your chickens before they hatch- Don’t rely on it until you sure of it 21) Don’t look a gift horse in the month- When someone gives you a gift, don’t be ungrateful 22) Don’t pull all your eggs in one basket- Do not pull all your resources in one possibility 23) Doozy- Something outstanding 24) Down to the wire- Something that ends at the last minute or last few seconds 25) Drastic times call for drastic measures- When you are extremely desperate you need to take extremely desperate actions

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26) Drink like a fish- To drink very heavily, drinking anything 27) Dry run- Rehearsal 28) Egg on- To urge somebody 29) Eighty six- A certain item is no longer available. Or this idiom can also mean, to throw away 30) Elvis has left the building- The show has come to an end. It’s all over 31) Ethnic cleansing- Killing of a certain ethnic or religious group on a massive scale 32) Ever and anon- Now and then 33) Every cloud has a silver lining- Be optimistic, even difficult times will lead to better days 34) Every other (one)- Every second (one), alternate (ones) 35) Everything but the kitchen sink- Almost everything and anything has been included 36) Excuse my French- Please forgive me for cussing 37) Fabian policy- Policy of delaying decisions 38) Face-to-face- Direct, personal; directly, personally (written without hyphens) 39) Fair and wide- Equal opportunity to all 40) Far and wide- Every where 41) Few and far between- Not frequent, unusual, rare 42) Field day- An enjoyable day or circumstance 43) Fifty- fifty- Divided into two equal parts 44) Finding your feet- To become more comfortable in whatever you are doing 45) Finger licking good- To become more comfortable in whatever you are doing 46) Fire and brimstone- A very tasty food or meal 47) Fire and fury- Fearful penalties 48) First and foremost- Extreme enthusiasm 49) Fishy: doubtful- Highest priority 50) Fixed in your ways- Not willing or wanting to change from your normal way of doing something 51) In the worst way- Very much, greatly

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52) In time to- Before the time necessary to do something 53) In touch- Having contact 54) In vain- Useless, without the desired result 55) In your face- An aggressive and bold confrontation 56) Ins and outs- Full detail 57) Inside out- With the inside facing the outside 58) Intents and purposes- Practically 59) It figures- It seems likely, reasonable, or typical 60) It takes two to tango- A two person conflict where both people are at fault 61) It’s a small world- You frequently see the same people in different places 62) It anyone’s call- A competition where the outcome is difficult to judge or predict 63) Ivory tower- Imaginary world 64) Ivy league- Since 1954 the Ivy league has been the following universities: Columbia, Brown, Cornell 65) Jaywalk- Crossing the street (from the middle) without using the crosswalk 66) Joshing me- Tricking me 67) Keep an eye on him- You should carefully watch him. Keep an eye on 68) Keep body and soul together- To earn a sufficient amount of money in order to keep yourself alive 69) Keep your chin up- To remain joyful in a tough situation 70) Kick the bucket- Die 71) Kith and kin- Blood relatives 72) Kitty-corner- Diagonally across. Sometimes called Catty- Corner as well 73) Knock on Wood- Knuckle tapping on wood in order to avoid some bad luck 74) Know the ropes- To understand the details 75) Last but not least- An introduction phrase to let the audience know that the last person mentioned is also very important 76) Last straw- The final event in a series of unacceptable actions

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77) Latin and Greek- Unable to understand 78) Leave no stone unturned- Make all possible efforts 79) Lend me your ear- To politely ask for someone’s full attention 80) Length and breadth- All over 81) Let along- and certainly not (also: not to mention, to say nothing of) 82) Let the cat out of the bag- To share a secret that wasn’t suppose to be shared 83) Level playing field- A fair competition where no side has an advantage 84) Life and soul- Main support 85) Like a chicken and its head cut off- To act in a frenzied manner 86) Liquor someone up- To get someone drunk 87) Little by little- Gradually, slowly (also: step by step) 88) Live-wire- Energetic 89) Loaves and fish- Material interests 90) Lock and key- In safe place 91) Long in the tooth- Old people (or horses) 92) Loose cannon- Someone who is unpredictable and can cause damage if not kept in check 93) Make no bones about- To state a fact so there are no doubts or objections 94) Method to my madness- Strange or crazy actions that appear meaningless but in the end are done for a good reason 95) Might and main- With all enthusiasm 96) Milk and water- Weak 97) More or less- Approximately, almost, somewhat, to a certain degree 98) Mumbo Jumbo- Nonsense or meaningless speech 99) Mum’s the word- To keep quiet, To say nothing 100) Narrow-minded- Not willing to accept the ideas of others 101) Flash in the pan- Something that shows potential or looks promising in the beginning but fails to deliver

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