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Arun Sharma
Arun Sharma
Peptide Bond
Peptide Bond  Amino acids are linked together by peptide bonds to form polypepetide chain . + H2O 2
 Peptide bonds are strong and not broken by conditions that denature proteins, such as heating. Prolonged exposure to a strong acid or base at elevated temperatures is required to hydrolyze these bonds nonenzymically.
Characteristics of the peptide bond --The peptide bond has a partial double-bond character, that is, it is shorter than a single bond, and is rigid and planar . --This prevents free rotation around the bond between the carbonyl carbon and the nitrogen of the peptide bond. --However, the bonds between the α-carbons and the α-amino or α-carboxyl groups can be freely rotated. --This allows the polypeptide chain to assume a variety of possible configurations. Polarity of the peptide bond  the -C=O and -NH groups of the peptide bond are uncharged, but they are polar and involved in hydrogen bonding in secondary structure

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