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Alligation or Mixture

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Placement Factory
Tips, Formulae and shortcuts for Mixtures and Alligations
Cracku Tip 1 – Mixtures and Alligations ▪ The topic mixtures and alligations is basically an application of averages concept in CAT. ▪ The theory involved in this topic is very limited and students should be comfortable with the some basic formulas and concepts. ▪ This pdf covers all the important formulas and concepts related to mixtures and alligations.
Cracku Tip 2 – Mixtures and Alligations A mixture is created when two or more substances are mixed in a certain ratio. Types of mixtures 1. Simple mixture A simple mixture is formed by the mixture of two or more different substances. Ex. Water and Wine mixture 2. Compound mixture Compound mixture is formed by the mixture of two or more simple mixtures.
Cracku Tip 3 – Mixtures and Alligations Item 1 Item 2 M2 M1 MA Q1 Q2 If M1 and M2 are the values, Q1 and Q2 are the quantities of item 1 and item 2 respectively and MA is the weighted average of the two items, then Q1 M2−MA = Q2 MA−M1 Weighted average MA can be calculated by, MA = Q1M1+Q2M2

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