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Note for Power Electronics - PE By Rakesh Kumar

  • Power Electronics - PE
  • Note
  • Electrical Engineering
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www.Vidyarthiplus.com UNIT I Power Semiconductor Devices www.Vidyarthiplus.com

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www.Vidyarthiplus.com Introduction • What are Power Semiconductor Devices (PSD)? They are devices used as switches or rectifiers in power electronic circuits • What is the difference of PSD and low-power semiconductor device?  Large voltage in the off state  High current capability in the on state www.Vidyarthiplus.com www.Vidyarthiplus.com

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www.Vidyarthiplus.com Classification Fig. 1. The power semiconductor devices family www.Vidyarthiplus.com www.Vidyarthiplus.com

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www.Vidyarthiplus.com Important Parameters • • • • Breakdown voltage. On-resistance. Trade-off between breakdown voltage and on-resistance. Rise and fall times for switching between on and off states. Safe-operating area. www.Vidyarthiplus.com www.Vidyarthiplus.com

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