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Note for Municipal Solid Waste Management - MSWM By Engineering Kings

  • Municipal Solid Waste Management - MSWM
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Downloaded 1 SYLLABUS EN6501 MUNICIPAL SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT UNIT I SOURCES AND TYPES 8 Sources and types of municipal solid wastes-waste generation rates-factors affecting generation, characteristics-methods of sampling and characterization; Effects of improper disposal of solid wastes-Public health and environmental effects. Elements of solid waste management –Social and Financial aspects – Municipal solid waste (M&H) rules – integrated management-Public awareness; ww Role of NGO‟s. UNIT II ON-SITE STORAGE AND PROCESSING 8 w.E On-site storage methods – Effect of storage, materials used for containers – asy segregation of solid wastes – Public health and economic aspects of open storage – waste segregation and storage – case studies under Indian conditions – source En reduction of waste – Reduction, Reuse and Recycling. gin UNIT III COLLECTION AND TRANSFER 8 eer Methods of Residential and commercial waste collection – Collection vehicles – Manpower– Collection routes – Analysis of collection systems; Transfer stations – ing Selection of location, operation & maintenance; options under Indian conditions – Field problems- solving. UNIT IV OFF-SITE PROCESSING .ne t 12 Objectives of waste processing – Physical Processing techniques and Equipments; Resource recovery from solid waste composting and biomethanation; Thermal processing options – case studies under Indian conditions. UNIT V DISPOSAL 9 Land disposal of solid waste; Sanitary landfills – site selection, design and operation of sanitary landfills – Landfill liners – Management of leachate and landfill gas- Landfill bioreactor– Dumpsite Rehabilitation Downloaded

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Downloaded 2 TEXTBOOKS: 1. Tchobanoglous, G., Theisen, H. M., and Eliassen, R. "Solid. Wastes: Engineering Principles and Management Issues". McGraw Hill, New York, 1993. 2. Vesilind, P.A. and Rimer, A.E., ―Unit Operations in Resource Recovery Engineering‖, Prentice Hall, Inc., 1981 3. Paul T Willams, "Waste Treatment and Disposal", John Wiley and Sons, 2000 REFERENCES: 1. Government of India, "Manual on Municipal Solid Waste Management", ww CPHEEO, Ministry of Urban Development, New Delhi, 2000. 2. Bhide A.D. and Sundaresan, B.B. "Solid Waste Management Collection", w.E Processing and Disposal, 2001 3. Manser A.G.R. and Keeling A.A.," Practical Handbook of Processing and asy Recycling of Municipal solid Wastes", Lewis Publishers, CRC Press, 1996 En 4. George Tchobanoglous and Frank Kreith"Handbook of Solidwaste gin Management", McGraw Hill, New York, 2002 eer Downloaded ing .ne t

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Downloaded 3 TABLE OF CONTENTS Sl. Description Page no. no. Aim and objective 4 b Detailed Lesson Plan 5 c Unit –I Sources and Types d Part A 8 e Part B 11 f Unit –II Onsite Storage and Processing g Part A 29 w.E 32 45 ww a h Part B i Unit –III Collection and Transfer j Part A k Part B l Unit –IV Off-site Processing m Part A n Part B o Unit –V Disposal p Part A q Part B r Industrial /Practical connectivity of the asy 43 En gin 58 eer 62 ing 77 .ne 79 90 subject s 91 University Question Bank Downloaded t

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Downloaded 4 Aim and Objective of the subject To make the students conversant with different aspects of the types, sources, generation, storage, collection, transport, processing and disposal of municipal solid waste. ww w.E asy En gin eer Downloaded ing .ne t

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