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System Analysis and Design

by Placement FactoryPlacement Factory
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Placement Factory
Placement Factory
1 M.C.A. SEM –I ,PAPER -II SYSTEM ANALYSIS AND DESIGN 1. Introduction    Systems and computer based systems, types of information system System analysis and design Role, task and attribute of the system analyst 2. Approaches to System development    SDLC Explanation of the phases Different models their advantages and disadvantages o Waterfall approach o Iterative approach o Extreme programming o RAD model o Unified process o Evolutionary software process model - Incremental model - Spiral model - Concurrent development model 3. Analysis : Investigating System Requirements    Activities of the analysis phase Fact finding methods o Review existing reports, forms and procedure descriptions o Conduct interviews o Observe and document business processes o Build prototypes o Questionnaires o Conduct jad sessions Validate the requirements o Structured walkthroughs 4. Feasibility Analysis
2    Feasibility Study and Cost Estimates Cost benefit analysis Identification of list of deliverables 5. Modeling System Requirements       Data flow diagram logical and physical Structured English Decision tables Decision trees Entity relationship diagram Data dictionary 6. Design    Design phase activities Develop System Flowchart Structure Chart o Transaction Analysis o Transform Analysis Software design and documentation tools  Hipo chart  Warnier orr diagram Designing databases     Entities Relationships Attributes Normalization 7. Designing input, output and interface  Input design  Output design  User interface design 8. Testing       Strategic approach to software testing Test series for conventional software Test strategies for object – oriented software Validation testing System testing Debugging
3 9. Implementation and Maintenance  Activities of the implementation and support phase 10. Documentation Use of case tools, Documentation – importance, types of documentation Books : 1. “Analysis and Design of Information Systems” : Senn, TMH. 2. System Analysis and Design : Howryskiewycz, PHI. 3. “System Analysis and Design” : Awad. 4. “Software Engineering A practitioners Approach” : Roger S. Pressman TMH. 5. “System Analysis and Design Methods : “Whitten, Bentley. 6. “Analysis and Design of Information Systems” : Rajaraman, PHI. 
4 1 INTRODUCTION Unit Structure 1.1 1.2 1.3 Introduction System Classification of System 1.3.1 Physical or Abstract System 1.3.2 Open Closed System 1.3.3 Man made Information System 1.3.4 Computer Base System: 1.3.5 Information System: 1.3.6 Transaction Processing Systems 1.3.7 Management Information Systems 1.3.8 Decision Support Systems 1.4 System Analysis : 1.5 Software Engineering: 1.6 System Design : 1.6.1 Logical Design 1.6.2 Physical Design 1.7 System Analyst: 1.7.1 Role of System Analyst: 1.7.2 Task of System Analyst: 1.7.3 Attributes of System Analyst: 1.7.4 Skill required for System Analyst: 1.8 Summary 1.1 INTRODUCTION: System is combination of different factors which perform different functions. It handles by user and administrator who has a knowledge and skill about that system.

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