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Note for Satellite Communication System - SCS by laxmikant kalkonde

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7XT4 - Satellite & Optical Fiber Communication By Prof. L. S. Kalkonde Department of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering Prof Ram Meghe College of Engineering & Management, Badnera

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Course Objectives () () ➢To prepare students to excel in basic knowledge of satellite communication principles ➢ To provide students with solid foundation in orbital mechanics and launches for the satellite communication ➢ To train the students with a basic knowledge of link design of satellite with a design examples ➢ To provide better understanding of multiple access systems and earth station technology ➢ To prepare students with knowledge in satellite navigation and GPS & and satellite packet communications

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Course Outcomes (CO’s) (After end of course student shall able to) ➢ Explain the principles, concepts and operation of satellite and optic fiber communication systems ➢ To select and use appropriate satellite types ➢ To determine the azimuth and elevation angles and visibility of a geostationary satellite from an earth station ➢ To create link budgets for an uplink and a downlink, and determine carrier to noise ratio (C/N) at an earth terminal receiver ➢ To understand concept of VSAT

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Contents UNIT I:- INTRODUCTION ➢ Satellite frequency bands ➢ Satellite types-LEO, MEO, GEO, HEO ➢ Kepler’s laws, Satellite orbits, Geo-stationary Satellite. ➢ Orbital Aspects of Satellite Communication: ➢ Orbital period ➢ velocity, ➢ Effect of orbital inclination ➢ Azimuth and Elevation, Converge angle and Slant range, Orbit determination, ➢ Orbital effect in communication system performance.

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