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Note for Object Oriented Programming Using JAVA - OOPJ By kundanapally vamshi

  • Object Oriented Programming Using JAVA - OOPJ
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OBJECT ORIENTED PROGRAMMING THROUGH JAVA UNIT-III topics to be covered Multithreading - Difference between multiple processes and multiple threads Thread states, creating threads, Interrupting threads thread priorities Synchronizing threads  Inter process thread communication Collection Framework in Java - Introduction to Java Collection Frame work Collection hierarchy,  List  Set Iterators , Map S.Durga Devi,CSE,CBIT Legacy classes

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MULTITASKING Multitasking- executing multiple tasks simultaneously is called multitasking.  Ex- student in a class room 1. listening class 2. taking running notes 3. checking mobile phone 4. sleeping 5. observing environment.  S.Durga Devi,CSE,CBIT

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 1. 2. Two types of multitasking. Process based multitasking Thread based multitasking. multitasking Processed based MT Thread based MT S.Durga Devi,CSE,CBIT

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1. process based MT executing several tasks simultaneously where each task is a separate independent process is called process based multitasking. Example below tasks are executed simultaneously 1. Typing java program in text editors 2. Listening audio songs 3. Download a file from internet - Process based multitasking is best suitable for operating system level not for the programmatic level.  S.Durga Devi,CSE,CBIT

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