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Object Oriented Programming Using JAVA

by Kundanapally VamshiKundanapally Vamshi
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Object Oriented Programming Using JAVA by Kundanapally Vamshi

Kundanapally Vamshi
Kundanapally Vamshi

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Kundanapally Vamshi
Kundanapally Vamshi
OBJECT ORIENTED PROGRAMMING THROUGH JAVA UNIT-III topics to be covered Multithreading - Difference between multiple processes and multiple threads Thread states, creating threads, Interrupting threads thread priorities Synchronizing threads  Inter process thread communication Collection Framework in Java - Introduction to Java Collection Frame work Collection hierarchy,  List  Set Iterators , Map S.Durga Devi,CSE,CBIT Legacy classes
MULTITASKING Multitasking- executing multiple tasks simultaneously is called multitasking.  Ex- student in a class room 1. listening class 2. taking running notes 3. checking mobile phone 4. sleeping 5. observing environment.  S.Durga Devi,CSE,CBIT
 1. 2. Two types of multitasking. Process based multitasking Thread based multitasking. multitasking Processed based MT Thread based MT S.Durga Devi,CSE,CBIT
1. process based MT executing several tasks simultaneously where each task is a separate independent process is called process based multitasking. Example below tasks are executed simultaneously 1. Typing java program in text editors 2. Listening audio songs 3. Download a file from internet - Process based multitasking is best suitable for operating system level not for the programmatic level.  S.Durga Devi,CSE,CBIT

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