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Note for Analytical Reasoning - AR By Chirag Khanduja

  • Analytical Reasoning - AR
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efJeefJeOe 1. Meyo meb#eshe efheÚues 15 Je<eeX kesâ SSC kesâ ØeMve he$eeW ceW ‘‘Meyo meb#eshe’’    NATO keâe hetje ™he keäÙee nw? —North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (mebÙegòeâ mveelekeâ mlejerÙe Øee. hejer#ee, 2008) RAF efkeâmekeâe mebef#ehle ™he nw? —Rapid Action Force (mebÙegòeâ mveelekeâ mlejerÙe Øee. hejer#ee, 2008) NREGP efkeâmekeâe mebef#ehle ™he nw? —National Rural Employment Guarantee Programme        (mebÙegòeâ mveelekeâ mlejerÙe Øee. hejer#ee, 2008) Fvšjvesš kesâ heles ceW heo http keâe mener efJemle=le ™he nw —Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (mebÙegòeâ mveelekeâ mlejerÙe Øee. hejer#ee, 2008) NIEO keâe hetje mJe™he keäÙee nw? —New International Economic Order (ceušer šeefmkebâie mšeHeâ (MTS) hejer#ee, 2013) CTBT keâe hetje ™he keäÙee nw? —Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (mebÙegòeâ mveelekeâ mlejerÙe hejer#ee, 2006, šwkeäme DeefmemšWš hejer#ee, 2007; kesâvõerÙe hegefueme mebie"ve (C.P.O.) hejer#ee, 2009) ATM keâe hetje veece nw—Automated Teller Machine (šwkeäme DeefmemšWš hejer#ee, 2008, mebÙegòeâ neÙej meskeâC[jer (10±2) mlejerÙe hejer#ee, 2012) TRAI mebkesâlee#ej mes DeefYeØeeÙe nw? —Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (cewefš^keâ mlejerÙe hejer#ee, 2001) DTP keâe hetje veece nw —Desk Top Publishing (mšsvees«eeHeâj «es[ [er hejer#ee, 2013) SAARC keâe hetje ™he nw —South Asian Association    Reconstruction and Development (cewefš^keâ mlejerÙe hejer#ee, 2002)  NIS keâe hetje ™he nw  —National Immunization Schedule (mebÙegòeâ mveelekeâ mlejerÙe hejer#ee, 2002) TRIPS keâe hetCe& ™he nw —Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights      of Regional Co-operation   (mebÙegòeâ mveelekeâ mlejerÙe hejer#ee, 2013) ceesyeeFue HeâesveeW ceW ØeÙegòeâ CDMA ØeesÅeesefiekeâer nw: —Code Division Multiple Access (ceušer šeefmkebâie mšeHeâ (MTS) hejer#ee, 2013) mebkesâlee#ej IGNOU mes keäÙee DeefYeØeeÙe nw? —Indira Gandhi National Open University (cewefš^keâ mlejerÙe hejer#ee, 2001) mebkesâlee#ej NHRC keâe DeefYeØeeÙe nw —National Human Right Commission (kesâvõerÙe hegefueme mebie"ve (C.P.O.) hejer#ee, 2001) MCA keâe hetje ™he nw —Master of Computer Application (kesâvõerÙe hegefueme mebie"ve (C.P.O.) hejer#ee, 2001) IBRD keâe hetje ™he nw —International Bank of   (cewefš^keâ mlejerÙe hejer#ee, 2002) mebkesâlee#ej TRP mes DeefYeØeeÙe nw —Television Rating Roint (cewefš^keâ mlejerÙe hejer#ee, 2002) MRI keâe hetje ™he nw —Magnetic Resonance Imaging (meskeäMeve Dee@Heâermeme& hejer#ee, 2002) TRAI keâe DeLe& keäÙee nw? —Telecom Regulatory Authority of India Ltd (ceušer šeefmkebâie mšeHeâ (MTS) hejer#ee, 2013) DVD keâe ØeÙeesie efkeâmekesâ efueS neslee nw? —Digital Versalite Disc/Digital Video Disk (ceušer šeefmkebâie mšeHeâ (MTS) hejer#ee, 2013) FDI keâe hetje veece keäÙee nw? —Foreign Direct Investment (ceušer šeefmkebâie mšeHeâ (MTS) hejer#ee, 2013) GUI efkeâmekeâe mebef#ehle ™he nw? —Graphical User Interface (keâebmšsefyeue (GD)Yeleea hejer#ee, 2013) IPCC keâe hetje ™he nw —Intergovernmental Pannel On Climate Change (mebÙegòeâ mveelekeâ mlejerÙe Øee. hejer#ee, 2013) efJeefMe° leLÙe ‘‘Meyo meb#eshe’’ A.A. Automobile Association, Anti Aircraft A.A.A.A. Asian Amateur Athletic Association. A.B.C. Atomic, Biological and Chemical Warfare A.B.M. Anit-ballistic Missile A.C. Ante Christum (bfore Christ), Alternate Current, Ashok Chakra, Air Conditioner A.C.C. Associated Cement Company A.S. Anno Domini (After Christ)

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A.D.B. A.E.C. A.I.A.D.M.K. A.I.C.C. A.I.D.S. A.I.I.M.S. A.I.R. A.I.T.U.C. A.L.H. A.M. A.N.C. A.T.S. A.S.L.V. A.V.A.R.D. A.V.S.M. A.J.T. A.P.C. A.P.E.C A.S.E.A.N ASOCHAM B.A. B.A.R.C. B.B.C. B.C. B.C.G. B.E. B.H.V.P. BENELUX B.I.S. B. Pharm B.S.F. B.A.L.C.O. B.E.L. B.H.E.L BIMSTEC C.A. C.A.D. C.B.F.C. C.C.I. C.D.P. C.G.A. C.G.S. C.I.A. Asian Development Bank Atomic Energy Commission All India Anna Dravida Munetra Kazhagam All India Congress Committee Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndorme All India Institute of Medical Sciences All India Radio All India Trade Union Congress Advanced Light Helicopter Ante Meredium (before Noon) African National Congress Anti Tetanus Seum Augmented Satellite Launch Vehicle Association of Voluntary Agencies for Rural Development Ati Vishisht Seva Medal Advanced Jet Trainer Agriculture Prices Commission Asia Pacific Economic Corporation Association of South East Asian Nations Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India Bachelor of Arts Bhabha Atomic Reserch Centre British Broadcasting Corporation Before Christ Bacillus Calmetee Guerin Bachelor of Engineering Bharat Heavy Vessels and Plates Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg Bureau of Indian Standards Bachelor of Pharmacy Border Security Force Bharat Aluminium Company Bharat Electronic Limited Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sector Technical and Economic Cooperation Chartered Accountant Computer Aided Design Central Board of Film Certification Cricket Club of India Community Development Programme Central Ganga Authority Chief of General Staff/Centimetre Gram Second (system) Criminal Investigation Agency/Central Intelligence Agency (U.S.A.) C.I.D. C.I. C.I.M. C.A.P.A.R.T. C.P.I. C.R.Y. C.S.I.R. C.V.C. C.I.S.F C.F.T.R.I C.I.C.A C.M.P. C.T.B.T D.A. D.C. D.D.T. D.I.G. D.M. D.M.K. D.N.A. D.O.T.S. D.V.C. D.W.C.R.A. DMRCL E.C.M. E.E.C. E.F.T.A. e.g. E.M.F. E. & O.E. E.P.z. E.S.A. E.S.R.O E.S.M.A E.X.I.M F.A.O. F.B.I. F.C.I. F.I.C.C.I. F.I.H. F.R.C.P. F.R.C.S. Criminal Investigation Department Chief Justice Chief Judicial Megistrate Council for Advancement of People's Action and Rural Technology Communist Party of India Child Relief and You Council of Scientific and Industrial Research Chief Vigilence Commissioner Central Industrial Security Force Central Food Technoogical Research Institute Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia Common Minimum Programme Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Dearness Allowance, Daily Allowance Direct Current, Deputy Commissioner Dichloro-diphenyl-trichoroethane Deputy Inspector General District Magistrate Dravida Munetra Kazghagam Deoxy-ribose Nucleic Acid Directly Observed Treatment ShortCourse Damodar Valley Corporation Development of Women and Children in Rural Areas Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Limited European Common Market European Economic Community European Free Trade Association exempl gratia (for example) Eectromotive Force Errors and Omissions Expected Export Processing Zone European Space Agency European Space Research, Organisation Essential Services Maintenance Act Export-Import Bank of India Food and Agriculture Organisation Federal Bureau of Investigation Food Corporation of India, Fertilizer Corporation of India Federation of Indian Chambers of Commence and Industry Federation for International Hockey Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons

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F.E.M.A. G.A.T.T. G.I.C. G.M.T. G.N.P. G.P.O. G.S.I. H.A.C. H.A.L. H.E.. H.M.T. H.R.D.D. H.U.D.C.O. I.A.A.I. I.A.F. I.A.E.A. I.A.R.I. I.A.S. I.B.R.D. I.C.A.O. I.C.A.R. I.C.B.M. I.C.C. I.C.J. I.C.M.R. I.C.R.C. I.D.A. I.D.B.I. I.F.A. I.F.C.I. I.F.S. I.I.A.A. I.I.T. I.L.O. I.M.F. I.N.A. I.N.S.A.T. I.N.T.E.S.A.T. INTERPOL I.N.T.U.C. I.O.C. I.P.C. I.P.S. Foreign Exchange Management Act General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade General Insurance Corporation Greenwitch Mean Time Gross National Product General Post Office Geological Survey of India Hindustan Aluminium Corporation Hindustan Aeronautics Limited Heavy Electricals Limited Hindustan Machine Tools Human Resource Development Department Housing and Urban Development Corporation International Airport Authority of India Indian Air Force International Atomic Energy Agency Indian Agricultural Research Institute Indian Administrative Service Internatioinal Bank of Reconstruction and Development International Civil Aviation Organisation Indian Council of Agricultural Research Inter Continental Ballistic Missile International Chamber of Commerce; International Cricket Council International Court of Justice Indian Council of Medical Research International Committee of the Red Cross International Devleopment Association Industrial Development Bank of India Indian Football Association Industrial Finance Corporation of India Indian Foreign Service, Indian Forest Services Indian International Airports Authority Indian Institute of Technology International Labour Organisation International Monetary Fund Indian National Army Indian National Satellite International Telecommunication Satellite International Police Indian National Trade Union Congress Internatioal Olympic Committee. Indian Oil Coporation Indian Penal Code Indian Police Service I.Q. I.R.B.M. I.R.E.D.A. I.S.R.O. I.S.I. I.S.T. I.T.D.C. I.T.I. I.T.O. I.A.A.I. I.C.I.C.I.L. I.C.C. I.F.F.I. I.R.D.A. I.R.C.O.N. I.V.R.I. J.A.L. J.C.O. J.K..L.F. K.G. K.V.K. KRIBHCO L.A.S.E.R. L.B.W. L.I.C. L.L.B. Lt. Col. L.S.D. LCA LPG M.A. M.A.S.E.R. M.B.A. M.B.B.S. M.C.C. M.D. M.I.G.A. M.I.S.A. M.K.S. M.L.C. M.M.T.C. Intelligence Quotient Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile Indian Renewabl Energy Development Agency Limited Indian Space Research Organisation Indian Standard Institution Indian Standard Time Indian Tourism Development Corporation Industrial Training Institute; Indian Telephone Industries International Trade Organisation International Airport Authority of India Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India Limited International Criminal Court International Film Festival of India The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority Indian Railway Construction (Company) Indian Veterianry Research Institute Japan Air Lines Junior Commissioned Officer Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Fornt Kinder Garten Krishi Vigyan Kendra Krishak Bharti Co-operative Limited Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation Leg Before Wicket Life Insurance Corporation Bachelor of Laws Lieutenant Colonel Lysergic Acid Deiethylamide Light Combat Aircraft Liquified Petroleum Gas Master of Arts Microwave Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation Master of Business Administration Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery Marylebone Cricket Club Doctor of Medicine Multilatera Investment Guarantee Agency Maintenance of Internal Security Act. Metre Kilogram Second (System) Member of Legislative Council Mineral and Metals Trading Corporation

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M.P. M.R.C.P. M.R.C.S. M.Sc. MTCR NASA M.C.F. M.C.O.C.A. M.P.L.A.D.S. N.A.T.M.O. N.A.T.O. N.C.C. NCERT N.D.A. N.E.F.A. N.F.D.C. N.I.S. N.M.D.C. N.O.I.D.A. N.R.E.P. N.R.I. NSSO N.T.P. N.A.B.A.R.D. N.A.F.T.A. N.C.R. N.H.D.R. N.P.T. N.R.E.P. N.T.P.C. N.R.Y. O.E.C.D. O.E.E.C. O.I.L. O.K. O.N.G.C. O.P.E.C. Member of Parliament Member of the Royal College of Physicians Member of the Royal College of Surgeons Master of Science Missile Technology Control Regime National Aeronautics and Space Administration (USA) Master Control Facility Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act Member of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme The National Atlas and Thematic Mapping Organisation North Atalantic Treaty Organisation National Cadet Corps National Council of Educational Research and Training National Defence Academy North-East Frontier Agency National Film Development Corporation National Institute of Sports National Mineral Development Corporation New Okhla Industrial Deveolpment Authority Association National Rural Employment Programme Non Resident Indian National Sample Survey Organisation Normal Temperature and Pressure National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development North American Free Trade Agreement National Capital Region National Human Development Report Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty National Rural Employment Programme National Thermal Power Corporation Nehru Rozgar Yojna Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development Organisation for European Economic Co-operation Oil India Limited All Correct Oil and Natura All Gas Commission Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries O.T.C.E. O.C.I. P.A. P.A.C. P.C.S. Ph.D. PIB P.I.N. P.M. P.S.C. P.T. P.T.I. P.T.O. P.V.C. P.V.S.M. P.W.D. P.A.C. P.L.O. P.O.T.A. P.U.R.A. Q.M.S. R.A.P.P. R.B.I. R.I.E.G.P. R.M.S. R.S.S. R.A.W. R.E.C. R.G.I.P.T. S.A.I.L. S.A.L. S.C. S.D.O. S.D.R. S.E.B.I. S.I.T.E. S.R.O.S.S. S.T.A.R.D. S.T.D. S.A.R.S. S.A.P.T.A. S.C.O. S.G..R.Y. Over the Counter Exchange of India Overseas Indian Citizenship Personal Assistant Public Accounts Committee Provincial Civil Service Doctor of Philosophy Press Information Bureau Postal Index Number Prime Mnister, Post Meriduium Public Service Commission Physical Training Press Trust of India Please Turn Over Param Vir Chakra Param Vishisht Seva Medal Public Works Department Parliamentary Affairs Committee Palestine Liberation Organisation Prevention of Terrorism Act Providing Urban Amenities in Rurla Areas Quick Mail Service Rajasthan Atomic Power Project Reserve Bank of India Rural Landless Employment Guarantee Programme Railway Mail Service Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh Research and Analysis Wing Rural Electrification Corporation Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Petroleum Technology Steel Authority of India Limited Sport Authority of India Security Council, Supreme Court Sub-Divisional Officer Special Drawing Rights Security and Exchange Board of India Satellite Instruction Television Experiment Stretched Rohini Satellite Series Science and Technology Application for Rural Development Sexually Transmitted Disease/Subscribers Trunk Dialing Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome South Asian Prefeerntial Trading Arrangement Shanghai Co-operation Organisation Sampoorna Grameen Rojgar Yojna

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