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Entrepreneurship Development by Dr. Janmejay Senapati

Dr. Janmejay Senapati
Dr. Janmejay Senapati

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Notes for Entrepreneurship Development - ED by DR. JANMEJAY SENAPATI

Notes for Entrepreneurship Development - ED by DR. JANMEJAY SENAPATI

by Dr. Janmejay Senapati

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Dr. Janmejay Senapati

Associate Professor, Silicon Institute Of Technology SIT

Text from page-272

REASONS OF ENTREPRENEURIAL FAILURES… 4. LACK OF INFORMATION:  Even in this era of free-flowing information, the quality of information available to large enterprises is far superior to that available to new small enterprises.  There is a cost to information and small enterprises may not be able to invest so much in getting the high quality information.  For example, before entering a new market, the new entrepreneur may send some salespersons to take interview of some customers, shopkeepers and wholesalers.  On the other hand, the large enterprise may engage the services of a market-research firm and carry out a thorough investigation of the potential customers, shopkeepers and wholesalers, and the problems of the new market.