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Note for Database Management System - DBMS By sunita bgcs

  • Database Management System - DBMS
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INTRODUCTION • Data Base:A data base is a collection of data which belongs to a particular organization or an enterprise. • Data Base Management System:A DBMS is a collection of data along with the software which manages the data base. Example: MySql, Microsoft Access, FileMaker etc.

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Goals of DBMS • To store and retrieve data in convenient and efficient manner • Ensure security and controlling concurrency.

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Applications of DBMS • • • • • • • • • • • Railway Reservation System Banking Universities and college Telecommunications Finance Military Human Resource Management Manufacturing Sales Hospitals Industries

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File System VS DBMS 1) DBMS retrieves data in an efficient way. Where as in File System retrieving data is Complex. 2) Data Redundancy is reduced and inconsistency is eliminated mostly. 3) Data isolation 4) Concurrent access problems. 5) Security problems.

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