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Note for Environmental Studies - ES by Basudeb Behera

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ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES Chapter 1: Introduction Dr. Basudeba Behera Assistant Professor Indian Institute of Information Technology Dharwad, Karnataka, India [1] http://www.neiu.edu/academics/college-of-arts-and-sciences/departments/geography-environmental-studies

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Introduction to Environmental Studies ❑ “Environment” is derived from the French word Environner which means to encircle or surround [2]. The definition given in Environment (Protection) Act, 1986, ❑ Environment includes all the biological and non-biological things surrounding an organism. ❑ Thus environment is sum total of water, air and land, inter-relationships among themselves and also with the human beings, other living organ- isms and property. ❑ i.e. the environment includes all the physical and biological surroundings and their interactions. Dr. Basudeba Behera | IIIT Dharwad, India 2

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Knowledge inputs required to study environment ❑ Life Sciences help in understanding the biotic component and their interactions ✓ Botany, ✓ Zoology, ✓ Microbiology, ✓ Genetics, ✓ Biochemistry and ✓ Biotechnology ❑ The physical and chemical structure of the abiotic components and energy transfer and flow are understood with the help of basic concepts of ✓ Physics, ✓ Chemistry, ✓ Geology, ✓ Atmospheric Science, ✓ Oceanography and ✓ Geography. ❑ For dealing with the socio-economic aspects ❑ Effective tools in environmental modeling associated with various developmental and management. activities. ✓ Mathematics, ✓ Education, ✓ Statistics and ✓ Economics, ✓ Computer Science ✓ Sociology and Dr. Basudeba Behera | IIIT Dharwad, India ✓ Mass communication 3

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Knowledge inputs required to study environment ❑ For protection of the environment various technologies dealing with the control of environmental pollution, waste- treatment and development of cleaner technologies ✓ A synthesis with Environmental Engineering, ✓ Civil Engineering, ✓ Hydraulics and ✓ Chemical Engineering ❑ Environmental laws provide the tools for effective management and protection of the environment. ❑ Environmental Studies, therefore, is a multi-disciplinary subject where different aspects are dealt with a holistic approach. Dr. Basudeba Behera | IIIT Dharwad, India 4

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