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Note for Operating Systems - OS By Hardeep Das

  • Operating Systems - OS
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Chapter 2 [2Hs] Operating System Structures Niroj Kumar Pani nirojpani@gmail.com Department of Computer Science Engineering & Application Indira Gandhi Institute of Technology Sarang, Odisha

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Chapter Outline…  Operating System Components  Operating System Services  System Calls N.K.Pani, IGIT, Sarang | 2.2

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Operating System Components  The OS is a large and complex piece of software. In this section we will disassemble/partition this large software into small component. Each component is a independent piece of software that does some specific functionality.  An OS has the following components:  Process Management  Main Memory Management  File Management  I/O System Management  Secondary Storage Management  Networking  Protection System  Command-Interpreter System N.K.Pani, IGIT, Sarang | 2.3

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Process Management  What is a Process?  Program and Process are different  A process is a program in execution.  Program is a passive entity, Process is an active entity.  It is a unit of work within the system.  A process needs certain resources to accomplish its task (a program doesn’t), that includes:  CPU time  Memory  Files, and  I/O devices N.K.Pani, IGIT, Sarang | 2.4

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