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Note for CONCRETE TECHNOLOGY - CT By Surekha Chuahan

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GMR Institute of Technology Fresh Concrete

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Properties OF Fresh Concrete GMR Institute of Technology  Introduction  The potential strength and durability of concrete of a given mix proportion is very dependent on the degree of its compaction.  It is vital, therefore, that the consistency of the mix be such that the concrete can be transported, placed, and finished sufficiently early enough to attain the expected strength and durability.  Significance  The first 48 hours are very important for the performance of the concrete structure.  It controls the long-term behavior, influence f'c (ultimate strength), Ec (elastic modulus), creep, and durability.

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Properties OF Fresh Concrete GMR Institute of Technology  Elasticity and Strength Of Concrete  The elastic properties of materials are a measure of their resistance to deformation under an applied load (but the elastic strain is recovered when the load is removed).  Strength usually refers to the maximum stress that a given kind of sample can carry.  Understanding these properties and how they are measured is essential for anyone wishing to use materials

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GMR Institute of Technology Main Prop. OF Fresh Concrete Consistency Workability • Slump Test • Flow Test • Penetration Test • Compacting Factor Test • VeBe Time Test Segregation • --• --- Bleeding • Bleeding Water Test

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