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Note for Management Information System - MIS By Mohit Yadav

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Management Information System Unit-I Book: By James O'Brien and George Marakas

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Topics  System Concept  Information Systems  Definition of Systems,  Definition of Information  Components of system, System,  Classification of Information System,  Operation support system,  Management Support System,  Importance of Management Information System  Types of System,  Concept of Data and Information

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Information technology  Information technology can help all kinds of businesses improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their business processes, managerial decision making, and workgroup collaboration, which strengthens their competitive positions in rapidly changing marketplaces.

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Need to study information systems and information technology  Information systems have become as integrated into our daily business activities as accounting, finance, operations management, marketing, human resource management, or any other major business function.  Information systems and technologies are vital components of successful businesses and organizations—some would say they are business imperatives.  Information technologies, including Internet-based information systems, are playing vital and expanding roles in business.

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