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Note for Professional Ethics - PE by bandana panda

  • Professional Ethics - PE
  • Note
  • Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology - KIIT
  • Electrical Engineering
  • B.Tech
  • Uploaded 11 months ago
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PROFESSIONAL ETHICS AND CODES OF CONDUCT Engineers face dilemmas arising from several components. VARIERTY OF MORAL ISSUES: Organizational Issues Society Related Issues Environmental Issues Product Related Issues Finance Related Issues Customer related Issues Supplier related Issues Employee related Issues Government related Issues CHAPTER I: MORALS AND ETHICS IN ENGINEERING

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PROFESSIONAL ETHICS AND CODES OF CONDUCT Engineers have to decide independently how to resolve the conflicts. • Ability to identify, distinguish and relate moral MORAL problems with law, economics and social factors. AUTONOMY : • Ability to understand, clarify and assess the arguments against moral issues. • Ability to suggest consistent solution based on facts and addressing all aspects. • Ability to tolerate while giving moral judgments. • Ability to understand the importance of maintaining moral honesty. CHAPTER I: MORALS AND ETHICS IN ENGINEERING

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KOHLBERG’S THEORY : PROFESSIONAL ETHICS AND CODES OF CONDUCT Heinz’s wife suffering from Heinz went to the scientist, finds cancer. Doctor advises for his possessions only half of the a particular drug, price demanded by the scientist. developed recently He decides to steal the drug from the scientist. Should Heinz break into laboratory and steal the drugs? Why or why not? CHAPTER I: MORALS AND ETHICS IN ENGINEERING HEINZ DILEMMA Brown a Police Officer and a friend saw him running away from laboratory. Should Brown report? If convicted it would be two years in Jail. Should the judge award jail sentence

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PROFESSIONAL ETHICS AND CODES OF CONDUCT HEINZ DILEMMA: Responses: •Heinz should not steal, because he will be jailed. •Heinz should steal, if he does not, wife will scold. •Heinz should steal, because his wife will get cured and cook for him. •Heinz should not, scientist has spent lot of money and efforts on the drug. •Heinz should, two years is a small time and he can prove to be good husband. •Brown should report to please his boss. •Brown should not report to please his friend. •The judge should not punish, because Heinz meant well. •The judge should punish to maintain social order. •Heinz should steal and law should be reinterpreted for right to live. •Heinz should not steal, the compensations to scientist must be made. •Heinz should steal, because preserving life is more important than preserving property CHAPTER I: MORALS AND ETHICS IN ENGINEERING

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