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Note for Information Theory & Coding - ITC By Sunil S Harakannanavar

  • Information Theory & Coding - ITC
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  • S G Balekundri Institute of Technology, Belagavi - S.G.B.I.T,Belagavi
  • Electronics and Communication Engineering
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Sunil S Harakannanavar
Sunil S Harakannanavar
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INFORMATION THEORY AND CODING Subject Code : 10EC55 No. of Lecture Hrs/Week : 04 Total no. of Lecture Hrs. : 52 IA Marks Exam Hours Exam Marks : 25 : 03 : 100 UNIT - 1 INFORMATION THEORY: Introduction, Measure of information, Average information content of symbols in long independent sequences, Average information content of symbols in long dependent sequences. Markoff statistical model for information source, Entropy and information rate of mark-off source. 7 Hrs UNIT - 2 SOURCE CODING: Encoding of the source output, Shannon’s encoding algorithm. Communication Channels, Discrete communication channels, Continuous channels. 6 Hrs UNIT - 3 FUNDAMENTAL LIMITS ON PERFORMANCE: Source coding theorem, Huffman coding, Discrete memory less Channels, Mutual information, Channel Capacity. 7 Hrs UNIT - 4 Channel coding theorem, Differential entropy and mutual information for continuous ensembles, Channel capacity Theorem. 6 Hrs UNIT - 5 INTRODUCTION TO ERROR CONTROL CODING: Introduction, Types of errors, examples, Types of codes Linear Block Codes: Matrix description, Error detection and correction, Standard arrays and table look up for decoding. 7 Hrs UNIT - 6 Binary Cycle Codes, Algebraic structures of cyclic codes, Encoding using an (n-k) bit shift register, Syndrome calculation. BCH codes. 6 Hrs UNIT - 7 RS codes, Golay codes, Shortened cyclic codes, Burst error correcting codes. Burst and Random Error correcting codes. 7 Hrs UNIT - 8 Convolution Codes, Time domain approach. Transform domain approach. 6 Hrs TEXT BOOKS: 1. Digital and analog communication systems, K. Sam Shanmugam, John Wiley India Pvt. Ltd, 1996. 2. Digital communication, Simon Haykin, John Wiley India Pvt. Ltd, 2008. 39

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a _1J)EC5L CFIAPTER 1 INFORMATION THEORY * lHrRooLteTtoN: , * o.#t^"ao " ilrMcL e4d^ l^ DL 'p;cL'tsz * -a.r>*s't-a- tsASlcs oF lrn)o, *rl- e,l D 7l*' /wqAADq(0 '""'a'U'L'e' e- ,{'ur)a' DL *d-e^f,ALa,"t, + o " :-n P\ r'{\ o ^AiL **T ' " ;a LilA ^r!rJ,t ?APArfi) WPIL Sy.Srei4 : lNFoRl4ATtON ) ,v\AJh^/'/"\- " a,h-a- )"lrqL tD,tr,t- GX ,. SUNIL S j,,,o #tr ,: B[oo\ Atoy"r^- )ol- A*arc<ru al ,", HARAKANNANAVAR SG I ,ar^- t'-',p"**iro s1sl"'- BALEKUNDRI INSTITUTE OF TECT.INOLOGY, BELAGAVI PAGE 1

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* lo\Dr,r^r*;^o L.ottxcpg Lar^- U- d,a;g.^p"S T+ rrtr#tort Ll,;utL irh fu'n ef^: 'A"alq , D",Arltb ir4ornr*,aO A-sl'uLe- it)u^fff,al D^r*+^"y dtscrrb 4.f.[D,\,t'* Lel*tr* *.pU.il, 'vL Lav\ALfu * a- 'ary""t" ' ttu\- b. +ra*r,*{ev^"4 q Y?Ye h0l frqfr,$,Elo1t4l lo D?sr:rh 1nPft-o,#@D .&,ouAcaj a,)\e- dla-qaxkfrzrA aflaA.fl ll r- o gBnr{Ce- + *?rh,t^ in a ,spfita,re-. In #o. btock Alogta,n + +l^re 'fiql.l .) e-!* ilJ o.s*-tvrw*+-1 )*u"L Sourc. to{6 ?^.6d. d^-ryY4 ':al ?:cd<.r i R* +l* it*P"''T >urcL -/w .1 "oo P, .' +Pu-*..^.+Pq, =[ v'-''* +-'.'o i I Z"=! WL I L-e*tvu"cL SUNILSHARAKANNANAVAR SGBALEKUNDRIINSTITUTEOFTECHNOLOGY,BELAGAVI PAGE 2

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