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Note for Engineering Chemistry - EC By Aman Ostwal

  • Engineering Chemistry - EC
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Aman Ostwal
Aman Ostwal
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Q. No. Q. No 9.F. Q. No nl ldateu Tech fio : The ne+ amount o J hadness od ess af rn aaent in a nile volome oi irn ou*ia Luaterr' @ O rnt , Violen t or vi fuc,m)n :Paruducfion sub L oJ u",afez alved yh o sa ouDll, boilfn of wa*a u-,h ic h I ead rrt ha- ar b,rbbla on zsi in llrc boilea-culrls5 da rrot lts went hood vaj ent ed 1o bo T?ci i)ale. i

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Q. No Q. No. 4 y.s. "emove Q. No d'ebi nbono*e 0 en hod in +D o e ComrDsiY n The 0 a t @ 0vi o rnahe a+e il )ts sso\ved I b nRi u) ose. Reverr. Osnn waka 0n d iue L rn a the u?e hi hovi n n 8l ern is Gu.een tr on of esed -lu valion Lh ernicaj e @ E 7e hi 0h b subslu oss fhe v a e e Yr'eld'The VE "ot Ito n 6 n tin 6 cie nt @ Dno m in in 'Envizon ental na) e E- *oz +, &f 0

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Q. No Q. No. 5 9.S. Q. No. 6[ ess tD I \ ion - Elec'ltro-Hnal : Dunt lr cc,l Tech ni I )e lcrn a ".t acm a t d

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Q. No Q. No. O s.s. ( Q. No 1 mole nla V n belwe e e Acrn a 0 n Ut @ rnul+i n) bond ndh-> *o rr -+ Tr* @ Fux o R I *^) @ a t)rnar. od abs noD - 0n ) n ,n UY *he oh h ,rnq 0n e lo & U CL LJ hi s nrn h e'orn c orn m ( t b ijt. o &DD ;fi orrt. 0 + ecloort n Tlt ion bu| ve )en +h and i le @ tA'#0ru a absorbin Clb) Ctc h vel 0 tD wa 0'r e H is chr'ornic sh @ ift I 4he*ic 0 3 0n : [.) 6e I en 0n bso c Pot med Pot ecu) ,m o ec is a n k 4

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