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Note for Software Testing - ST By VijayaKumar Thangavel

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WHAT IS TEST CASE? A test case is a document, which has a set of test data, preconditions, expected results and post conditions, developed for a particular test scenario in order to verify compliance against a specific requirement.  Test Case acts as the starting point for the test execution, and after applying a set of input values, the application has a definitive outcome and leaves the system at some end point or also known as execution post condition.  An effective test case should find the maximum number of defects. 

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NEEDS OF TEST CASE DESIGN? It can be used for regression testing  Providing an audit trail of testing  Early bug detection  Reusability of testing  Useful for helping to new user  It can be reviewable  Provides traceability of requirements  Higher quality software product can be delivered 

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TYPICAL TEST CASE PARAMETERS: Test Case ID  Test Scenario  Test Case Description  Test Steps  Prerequisite  Test Data  Expected Result  Test Parameters  Actual Result  Environment Information  Comments 

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