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Note for Microprocessor and Assembly Language Processing - MALP by Nitin Ahire

  • Microprocessor and Assembly Language Processing - MALP
  • Note
  • Xavier institute of engineering ,mumbai university - Xie
  • Electronics and Communication Engineering
  • B.Tech
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Microprocessor & Microcontroller - I T.E Sem V (Rev) Prof. Nitin Ahire XIE, Mahim

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Overview of Microprocessor MEMORY MICROPROCESSOR (CPU) INPUT OUTPUT (I/O) DEVICE 1-Aug-13 Prof.Nitin Ahire 2

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Functional block Diagram • INPUT OUTPUT (I/O) DEVICE I/P :Key board, scanner, card reader etc O/P : Display, printer LED etc • MEMORY RAM, ROM • MICROPROCESSOR Central Processor Unit ( CPU ) include ALU, Timing & control unit for synchronizations 1-Aug-13 Prof.Nitin Ahire 3

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Number System • Decimal number system (DNS)(10) 0,1,2 ……,9,10 • Binary number system(2) 0,1,10,11,100 • Hexadecimal number system (16) 0,1,2,…..,9,A,B,C,D,E,F,10,11 • Advantages of Hex No over BCD No system (1111 1111)2 (FF)16 (255)10 1-Aug-13 Prof.Nitin Ahire 4

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