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Note for Operating Systems - OS by Ashu Bansal

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Ashu Bansal
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Introduction Computer System: Computer System consists of software and hardware that are combined to provide a tool to solve specific problems. Software differentiate according to its purpose. ➢ Application Software: in intended to solve a specific problem, or to provide a generic tools for the end user. E.g., Inventory control, electronic mail etc. ➢ System Software: provides a general programming environment in which programmer can create specific applications to suit their customer needs. This environment is made up of programming tools (Compiler and editors) and abstractions (Such as files and objects).

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Operating System Operating system is the part of system software that manages the use of hardware by other system software and all application software. Because of this, we say that the OS is the software that is implemented “Closest to the hardware”. Simply say, an OS is a program that controls the execution of application programs and acts as an interface between the user of a computer and the computer hardware.

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User and OS OS facilitates use of resources by hiding local details and presenting an interface which is convenient to use. For instance : computer games, e-mail, browsing or preparing documents are applications launched by simply clicking on cue icons. How easy it is !

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