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Note for Wireless Networks and Mobile Computing - WNMC by Anji HanumA

  • Wireless Networks and Mobile Computing - WNMC
  • Note
  • Electronics and Communication Engineering
  • B.Tech
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Wireless Communications And Networks Course file ECE department

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Contents Courses file Contents: 1. Cover Page 2. Syllabus copy 3. Vision of the Department 4. Mission of the Department 5. PEOs and POs 6. Course objectives and outcomes 7. Brief note on the importance of the course and how it fits into the curriculum 8. Prerequisites, if any 9. Instructional Learning Outcomes 10.Prerequisites, if any 11.Course mapping with POs 12.Class Time Table 13.Individual Time Table 14. Lecture schedule with methodology being used 15.Detailed notes 16.University Question papers of previous years 17.Question Bank 18. Assignment topics 19.Unit wise Quiz questions and long answer questions 20.Tutorial problems 21.Known gaps, if any and inclusion of same in the lecture schedule 22.Discussion topics, if any 23.References, Journals, websites and E-links 24. Quality measurement sheets a) Course end survey b) Teaching evaluation 25. Student List 26. Group-Wise students list for discussion topics. ECE department

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1. Cover page: GEETHANJALI COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY DEPARTMENT OF Electronics and Communication Engineering (Name of the Subject / Lab Course) : wireless Communications and Networks (JNTU CODE 58023) Programme : UG Branch: ECE Version No : 01 , dated: 29/11/15 Year: IV Year ECE Document Number :GCET/ECE/58023 / 01 Semester: II No. of pages : Classification status (Unrestricted / Restricted ) Distribution List : Dept Library / Dept office /concerned staff Prepared by : updated by : 1) Name : Y.SIVARAMAKRISHNA 1) Name : Mrs.Ramadevi 2) Sign 2) Sign : : 3) Design : Asst. Professor 3) Design : Asst. Professor 4) Date 4) Date : 29/11/2015 : 29/11/2015 Verified by : * For Q.C.only 1) Name 1) Name : : 2) Sign : 2) Sign : 3) Design : 3) Design : 4) Date 4) Date : : ECE department

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2. Syllabus: JAWAHARLAL NEHRU TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY HYDERABAD IV Year B.Tech. ECE.II-Sem T 4+1* P 0 C 4 WIRELESS COMMUNCIATIONS AND NETWORKS (ELECTIVE – IV) UNIT I Introduction to wireless communication systems: Evaluation of mobile radio communications, examples of wireless communication systems, paging systems, cordless telephone systems, compression of various wireless systems. UNIT II Mobile wireless communication systems: second generation cellular networks, third generation wireless networks, wireless in local loop, wireless local area networks, Bluetooth and personal area networks. UNIT III Cellular system design fundamentals: spectrum allocation, basic cellular system, frequency reuse, channel assignment strategies, handoff strategies, interference and system capacity, trucking and grade off service, improving coverage and capacity, cell splitting. UNIT IV Multiple access technique for warless communications: introduction to multiple accesses, FDMA, TDMA, spread spectrum multiple access, SDMA, packet radio, capacity of cellular systems. UNIT V Wireless Networking: Differebce between wireless and fixed telephone networks, development of wireless networks, fixed network transmission hierarchy, traffic routing in warless networks, wireless data services, common channel signaling. UNIT VI Wireless WAN: mechanism to support at mobile environment, communication in the infrastructure , iIS-95 CDMA forward channel, IS-95 CDMA risers channel, packet and frame formats in IS-95,IMT -20000, forward channel in W-CDMA and CDMA 2000, reverse channels in W-CDMA and CDMA -2000 GPRS and higher data rates, short messaging service in GPRS mobile application protocols. UNIT VII Wireless land: Historical overviews of the land industry, evolution of the wan industry, wireless home networking IEEE 802.11 the PHY layer, Mac layer wireless ATM, Hyperlink, Hyper Lan-2 ECE department

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