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Note for Software Engineering - SE By Suman Kumar Acharya

  • Software Engineering - SE
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  • Biju Patnaik University of Technology BPUT - BPUT
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering
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Suman Kumar Acharya
Suman Kumar Acharya
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Characteristics of Good Design     Component independence  High cohesion  Low coupling Exception identification and handling Fault prevention and fault tolerance Design for change M1 M2 M3 3

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Cohesion and Coupling  Cohesion is a measure of: functional strength of a module. A cohesive module performs a single task or function.  Coupling A between two modules: measure of the degree of the interdependence or interaction between the two modules.

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Cohesion and Coupling A module having high cohesion and low coupling: functionally independent of other modules: A functionally independent module has minimal interaction with other modules.

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Cohesion    Definition  The degree to which all elements of a component are directed towards a single task.  The degree to which all elements directed towards a task are contained in a single component.  The degree to which all responsibilities of a single class are related. Internal glue with which component is constructed All elements of component are directed toward and essential for performing the same task. 6

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