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Note for Operating Systems - OS By Amireddy Raju

  • Operating Systems - OS
  • Note
  • Uploaded 9 months ago
Amireddy Raju
Amireddy Raju
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Text from page-3

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Text from page-4

ole"rail.,g Srl4qY,(b-i]d-?ei.''--_Tr-!----- -+n Os gov. Jo t'k,f o. ;,,q6Etr+ €/1v:1.rn^vLo d qq"-.fu asr- .'-ea*") ) on@ q $e "m"st .;",.g0&r"f 9"4 ,U +- .,*,rh:,?*gt'rrr "t,Ub m'^tc', j"Dt-@r Cr) mr^C;1og-s*mlq orx.d\^r81Y filos (GI c.*l do'hr')<o \rat lda Qo --tfuJ * K44?ss"i1."r ,;l"s i'o 'rr'!"sndtl (an I'ad l',!st 4 tr[" e"tts i' t{' 'ii$ + ,|.".18 sf 4 ' erntt 4\oli d"s "u 4r' M +5 e'"'oc"Jz e'" 4 ar) bq',ot 1\!, fu "\% .t'ar" n ruar-4& sero'- fstk , w.\ \lo qooaha" {o C.."?ua l"A gmt '"h']'> G;L-",'"s dJ Jos Picxs ry cf,r (t+,lr&ahba aruc'-de' ha-s 6^" *" Jos *,now*r $ os a: '"1""'*ab a\ {'4"r *ro- 'rr..ero.n1;|f,{71X"-'^'.e4 SX6!r(r / os eiY{,.1Br..:rk-Lu 1" a"A o-ec^l4 an*loa ,A^ W*L# a,** 6.J- 3d @4. t\a I 1a adk, LpA,h .&olirkul {n a'1"+kry

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