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Note for Advanced Structural Design - ASD By Bala Cz

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DHANALAKSHMI SRINIVASAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY TIRUCHIRAPALLI QUESTION BANK WITH ANSWER DEPARTMENT: CIVIL SUBJECTCODE/NAME: SEMESTER: VI AR6601/ DESIGN OF STRUCTURES III UNIT I– LIMIT STATE DESIGN OF COLUMNS PART - A (2 marks) 1. Define compression member A compression member is a structural element which is subjected to axial compressive forces 2. What are the classifications of columns based on type of reinforcement? Tied column Spiral column Composite column 3. What are the classifications of columns based on type of loading ? Columns with axial loading Columns with uniaxial eccentric loading Columns with biaxial eccentric loading 4. What is the classification of columns based on slenderness ratio? Short columns Slender or long columns 5. What are the shapes of the columns? Square Circular Hexagonal Octagonal 6. Write about percentage of reinforcement for columns As per is 456 a reinforced concrete column shall have longitudinal steel reinforcement and the cross-sectional area of such reinforcement shall be not be less than 0.8% nor more than 6% of the cross-sectional area of the column required to transmit all the loading. AR6601 - DOS III by P.BALAMURUGAN AP / Civil Page 1

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7. Write about spacing of transverse links. This shall not exceed the least of the following The least lateral dimension of the column Sixteen times the diameter of the smallest longitudinal reinforcing rod in the column Forty-eight times the diameter of the transverse reinforcement. 8. Write about diameter of transverse links? The diameter of the transverse links shall not be less than One-fourth the diameter of the largest longitudinal bar 5mm 9. What is the minimum cover to a column ? The minimum cover to a column reinforcement shall be 40mm or diameter of bar whichever is greater 10. Define short and long columns A column will be considered as short when the ratio of the effective length to its lateral dimension is less than or equal to 12 .when this ratio is exceeds the column will be considered as a long column 11. What is the loading the condition for short column? Short axially loaded members in axial compression and Short axially loaded column with minimum eccentricity 12. Write about compression members with helical reinforcement As per the code the compression members with helical reinforcement given below shall be taken as 1.05 times the strength of similar members with lateral ties 13. What are the modes of failure of a column? o Compression failure o Tension failure 14. What is the meaning of interaction curve? The interaction curve is a complete graphical representation of the design strength of a uniaxial eccentrically loaded column of give proportions 15. What are the modes of failure in eccentric compression? Balanced failure Compression failure Tension failure AR6601 - DOS III by P.BALAMURUGAN AP / Civil Page 2

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16. What is the importance of slenderness ratio in columns? Is 456-2000 code clause 25.1.2 classifies a rectangular compression member as short. When both slenderness ration’s lex/D and lex/b are less than 12. If any of these values are more 12, then it is termed as slender or long column. 17. Write any two code requirements on slenderness limit? The unsupported length between end restraints shall not exceed 60 times the least lateral dimension of a column. If , in any given plane,one end of a column is unrestraints, its unsupported length,l,shall not exceed 100b2/D Where, b= width of the cross section, and D= depth of the cross section measured in the plane under consideration. AR6601 - DOS III by P.BALAMURUGAN AP / Civil Page 3

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problem no:01 AR6601 - DOS III by P.BALAMURUGAN AP / Civil Page 4

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