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Note for Ground Improvement Techniques - GIT By neeraj singh

  • Ground Improvement Techniques - GIT
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Ground Improvement By Neeraj Singh

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WHY GROUND IMPROVEMENT. • Development of infrastructures in cities compelled the engineers to improve the properties of soil to bear the load transferred by the structures. • As the land available may not be suitable for the structural load. • The purpose of these techniques to increase bearing capacity of soil and reduce the settlement to a considerable extent.

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Effects Of Ground Improvement • The process reduces the permeability of soil mass. • The process reduce compressibility and consolidation. • The process improves the bearing capacity of soil mass. • The process is used to make an area trafficable within short period of time for emergency & military purpose.

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Methods for Soil Improvement Ground Reinforcement Mechanically Stabilized Earth Geosynthetics Ground Improvement Ground Treatment Deep Dynamic Compaction Fly ash Electro-osmosis Soil Cement Pre-loading Heating/Freezing Grouting Vibrofloatation Column Reinforced earth Lime Admixtures

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