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UNIT-1 • University Syllabus: –Introduction: • Concept, Development, application and scope of Industrial Management. –Productivity: • Definition, measurement, productivity index, types of production system, Industrial Ownership.

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Concept of Industrial Management • Application of Management theories & concepts are now all pervasive and all encompassing. • With Best engineering skills and knowledge, professional cannot just sustain since any operational issues require application of management techniques. • Any engineer by profession is also a manager, as engineers also qualify in the classical test of managerial roles, interpersonal roles, and informational roles and decisional role.

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Industrial Management • Industrial management, as a branch of engineering facilitates creation of management systems and integrates the same with people and their activities to productively utilize the resources. • The subject emphasizes studying the performance of machines and so also the people. • Industrial management, therefore, in the structured approach to manage the operational activities of an organization.

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Process of Development of Industrial Management S. No. Orientation Pioneered by Definition concerned with 1. Productivity orientation F.W. Taylor & J. F. Mee Increased Productivity 2. Human Relations Orientation L. A. Applay & H. Knortz Emphasis on people 3 Decision making Orientation Ross Moore & Stanley Vance Decision making as primary management function 4. Leadership Orientation Donald J. Clough & Leadership is the Ralph C. essence of Management Process Orientation Dalton, & McFarland 5. Management as process

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