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Note for Computer Graphics - CG by Shubham Patkar

  • Computer Graphics - CG
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Shubham Patkar
Shubham Patkar
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Introduction to Computer Graphics Torsten Möller TASC 8021 778-782-2215 torsten@sfu.ca www.cs.sfu.ca/~torsten Torsten Möller ©

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Today • What is computer graphics? • Contents of this course • Syllabus • Overview of course topics © Torsten Möller

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What Is Computer Graphics? • Using a computer as a rendering tool for the generation (from models) and manipulation of images is called computer graphics • More precisely: image synthesis © Torsten Möller

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Goals of Computer Graphics • Generate synthetic images • Do it in a practical way and scientifically sound. • In real time? • And make it look easy… © Torsten Möller

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