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Note for Industrial Automation And Mechatronics - IAM by Vishal Shinde

  • Industrial Automation And Mechatronics - IAM
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Vishal Shinde
Vishal Shinde
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Mechatronics UNIT –I Introduction of sensors and actuators Prepared By Prof. Shinde Vishal Vasant Assistant Professor Dept. of Mechanical Engg. NDMVP‟S Karmaveer Baburao Thakare College of Engg. Nashik Contact No- 8928461713 E mail:- shinde.vishal@kbtcoe.org Prof. V. V. Shinde NDMVP'S KBT COE NASHIK 1

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Syllabus Introduction to Sensors & Actuators  Introduction to Mechatronics, Measurement characteristics: - Static and Dynamic  Sensors:  Position Sensors: - Potentiometer, LVDT, Encoders; Proximity sensors:- Optical, Inductive,  Capacitive; Motion Sensors:- Variable Reluctance; Temperature Sensor: RTD, Thermocouples; Force /  Pressure Sensors:- Strain gauges; Flow sensors: - Electromagnetic  Actuators: Stepper motor, Servo motor, Solenoids Prof. V. V. Shinde NDMVP'S KBT COE NASHIK 2

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Objectives 1. Understand key elements of Mechatronics system, representation into block diagram 2. Understand concept of transfer function, reduction and analysis 3. Understand principles of sensors, its characteristics, interfacing with DAQ microcontroller 4. Understand the concept of PLC system and its ladder programming, and significance of PLC systems in industrial application 5. Understand the system modeling and analysis in time domain and frequency domain. 6. Understand control actions such as Proportional, derivative and integral and study its significance in industrial applications. Prof. V. V. Shinde NDMVP'S KBT COE NASHIK 3

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Outcomes 1. Identification of key elements of mechatronics system and its representation in terms of block diagram 2. Understanding the concept of signal processing and use of interfacing systems such as ADC, DAC, digital I/O 3. Interfacing of Sensors, Actuators using appropriate DAQ micro-controller 4. Time and Frequency domain analysis of system model (for control application) 5. PID control implementation on real time systems 6. Development of PLC ladder programming and implementation of real life system Prof. V. V. Shinde NDMVP'S KBT COE NASHIK 4

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