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Note for RAPID PROTOTYPING - RP by Mohammad Akbal

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RAPID PROTOTYPING Subject Code : 10ME837 IA Marks : 25 Hours/Week : 04 Exam Hours : 03 Total Hours : 52 Exam Marks : 100 PART – A UNIT - 1 Introduction: Need for the compression in product development, history of RP systems, Survey of applications, Growth of RP industry, and classification of RP systems. Stereo Lithography Systems: Principle, Process parameter, Process details, Data preparation, data files and machine details, Application. 07 Hours UNIT - 2 Selective Laser Sintering: Type of machine, Principle of operation, process parameters, Data preparation for SLS, Applications. Fusion Deposition Modelling: Principle, Process parameter, Path generation, Applications. 07 Hours UNIT - 3 Solid Ground Curing: Principle of operation, Machine details, Applications. Laminated Object Manufacturing: Principle of operation, LOM materials. Process details, application. 06 Hours UNIT - 4 Concepts Modelers: Principle, Thermal jet printer, Sander's model market, 3-D printer. GenisysXs printer HP system, object Quadra systems. 06 Hours

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PART – B UNIT - 5 Rapid Tooling: Indirect Rapid tooling, Silicon rubber tooling, Aluminium filled epoxy tooling, Spray metal tooling, Cast kirksite, 3Q keltool, etc. Direct Rapid Tooling Direct. AIM. 06 Hours UNIT - 6 Rapid Tooling: Quick cast process, Copper polyamide, Rapid Tool, DMILS, Prometal, Sand casting tooling, Laminate tooling soft Tooling vs. hard tooling. 06 Hours UNIT - 7 Software For RP: STL files, Overview of Solid view, magics, mimics, magic communicator, etc. Internet based software, Collaboration tools. 06 Hours UNIT - 8 Rapid Manufacturing Process Optimization: factors influencing accuracy. Data preparation errors, Part building errors, Error in finishing, influence of build orientation. 08 Hours TEXT BOOKS: 1. Stereo Lithography and other RP & M Technologies, Paul F. Jacobs: SME, NY 1996. 2. Rapid Manufacturing, Flham D.T &Dinjoy S.S Verlog London 2001. REFERENCE BOOKS: 1. Rapid Prototyping, Terry Wohlers Wohler's Report 2000" Wohler's Association 2000.

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2. Rapid Prototyping Materials, Gurumurthi, IISc Bangalore. 3. Rapid Automated, Lament wood. Indus press New York.

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