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Note for Probability and Statistics - PS By Asif Rabbani

  • Probability and Statistics - PS
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Asif Rabbani
Asif Rabbani
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Probability and Statistics in Engineering M.Asif Rabbani

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Basic Concepts  An event is a collection of one or more simple events. •The die toss: –A: an odd number –B: a number > 2 A ={E1, E3, E5} B ={E3, E4, E5, E6} •E1 •E3 A •E2 S •E5 •E4 B •E6

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The Probability of an Event  The probability of an event A measures “how often” A will occur. We write P(A).  Suppose that an experiment is performed n times. The relative frequency for an event A is Number of times A occurs f n • If we let n get infinitely large, f P( A)  lim n n  n

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