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Note for Transformer & Generators - TG By Satyen Kumar Sahoo

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Satyen Kumar Sahoo
Satyen Kumar Sahoo
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Transformer An A.C. device used to change high voltage low current A.C. into low voltage high current A.C. and vice-versa without changing the frequency In brief, 1. Transfers electric power from one circuit to another 2. It does so without a change of frequency 3. It accomplishes this by electromagnetic induction 4. Where the two electric circuits are in mutual inductive influence of each other.

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Principle of operation It is based on principle of MUTUAL INDUCTION. According to which an e.m.f. is induced in a coil when current in the neighbouring coil changes.

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Constructional detail : Shell type • Windings are wrapped around the center leg of a laminated core.

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Core type • Windings are wrapped around two sides of a laminated square core.

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